3 Facebook Ad Types That Will Guarantee Sales

3 Facebook Ad Types That Will Guarantee Sales

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In light of a recent change to Facebook’s algorithm, advertising on the platform is now the most advantageous way to make the most of the social medium. Whether you are new to, or a long-time user of Facebook ads, now is a good time to learn how to reap the benefits of advertising on Facebook.

Several types of Facebook ad styles are available to your company. Today, we will closely examine three of the most effective types: video, carousel, and slideshow. So, here are Facebook ad types and tips.

Facebook Video Ad

Video is the most popular form of media on the internet right now, so using video to attract consumers to your advertisement is a sure bet. As Facebook users scroll through their news feed, your video ad will stick out with moving picture and audio that continue to play even as they keep scrolling beyond the video ad.

Important Facebook Video Ad Tips:

  • Focus copy on benefits. In your Facebook video ads, it’s important to focus copy on the benefits your product or service will bring to consumer lives.
  • Create videos that explain the product. Use your video to walk consumers through the ins and outs of how your product works, while you have their attention on your ad.
  • Save the sale for the CTA. Keep your video informative and save the push to purchase for your CTA. If a sales push feels forced, opt for a ‘learn more’ CTA.

Benefits of Facebook Video Ad:

  • Strongest audience engagement
  • Multiple ways to consume ad (watch, listen, or read transcript)
  • Easy to share

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The Carousel Ad

The carousel ad style of Facebook shows your advertisement within a user’s newsfeed, blending your content in with the content of friends or family. When you use the carousel format, you can promote up to 10 images that users can thumb through, and individually click through to a landing page.

Important Carousel Tips:

  • Keep copy action-centered. Present benefits and CTAs in your carousel copy.
  • Use a mix of media. Include photos and videos in alternating order to keep consumers engaged and entertained. Find a fitting and non-obtrusive soundtrack to play in the background, too.
  • Shop now CTA. Ask consumers to shop now in your product.

Benefits of Carousel:

  • Use mixed media
  • Grabs consumer attention
  • Repeat discount offer

Facebook Slideshow

Facebook Slideshow is the perfect way to get multiple images and videos of your brand and/or product in front of your consumers. Slideshow allows you to work with a mix of media to keep audience attention and engage your consumers along the way to a purchase CTA.

Important Slideshow Tips:

  • Use testimonial in the copy. To incentivize viewers to thumb through the slideshow, start your copy off with a testimonial about the product or service.
  • Include a discount. Include a discount offer in at least the first few slides and later again throughout the slideshow. A discount is an effective selling strategy when it follows a testimonial.
  • CTA calls for purchase. While the discount entices users, the CTA calls for action to show now.

Benefits of Slideshow:

  • Upload multiple product images
  • Highlight discount offer

Advertising on Facebook is an effective way to leverage your social media presence and connect with a wide audience in a personal and conversational way. To learn more about which ad formats are best for your brand and marketing strategy, reach out to our team at Executive Digital.


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