Most Common PPC Mistakes You May Be Making

Most Common PPC Mistakes You May Be Making

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Pay-per-click (PPC) ads often sound too good to be true: you can pick the precise real estate and the audience you want, bid at a price you can afford, and only pay when your target consumer actually clicks on your ad. The offer reads like a dream!

PPC advertising is an incredible and cost-effective strategy when executed correctly. Unfortunately, without clear-cut rules and guidelines, some companies get lost in the appeal of PPC efforts without capitalizing on any of the benefits.

Why PPC campaigns sometimes fail

PPC campaigns can fail for a number of reasons, from targeting the wrong audience to using keywords that are too generic for your market niche. The good news is that all of these mistakes are avoidable. Follow along to learn about a few of the most common mistakes in PPC campaigns and how you can avoid them.

5 Most Common PPC Mistakes

  • Inaccurate targeting

The audience you target varies from campaign to campaign. While you likely have an overarching consumer profile, your consumer base is large, and under your blanket umbrella users have different media preferences and purchase behaviors. If you do not refocus each campaign on a fitting group, you’ll miss the opportunity to connect with the right customers.

How to avoid: As you produce campaigns, research the applicable consumer group to target with your PPC ads. Repeat this process per campaign and a new ad.

  • Uneducated bidding

Bidding without studied knowledge of the PPC bidding system can lead to a waste of money and many missed connection opportunities with your target audience. While PPC involves a bit of trial and error, you can quickly lose a lot of money as an amateur bidder.

How to avoid: The best way to overcome bidding deficiencies is to outsource an expert, or hire a consultant to guide you through ins and outs of competitive PPC bidding.Uneducated bidding

  • Broken conversion funnel

Sometimes, brands forget to double-check the functionality of their campaign landing site and the logistics of purchasing. If consumers follow your PPC ad but cannot buy anything once there, it’s an otherwise effective bid completely wasted.

How to avoid: Before running your PPC campaign, run several tests to ensure that everything at the campaign landing site is working.

  • Missing strategy

First and foremost, as you enter your PPC campaign you must have a strategy! Without a clear outline of what you want to achieve and gain from PPC marketing, you can empty a lot of your budget without anything to show for in return.

How to avoid: Work with a PPC expert or consultant to outline realistic and achievable goals for your PPC campaign, then devise and follow a plan, accordingly.

  • Wrong Keywords

Bidding on the right keywords is the key to success in your PPC campaign. Focus on the keywords that are a match for your product or service as well as the chosen terms for your target audience. Do not be swayed by less relevant keywords, at a lower bid price.

How to avoid: Scrutinize the keywords you use in your ads and how they match up with the keywords you are bidding on. As you carry out your PPC strategy, analyze data for keywords that have better results than others.

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PPC advertising is a smart, effective way to convert your target audience into purchasers and loyal consumers.

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