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4 SEO Issues Every Ecommerce Website Owner Faces

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Setting up a website is simple and easy. The issues lie in bringing customers to your website. Since marketing has become more complex and savvy, your website must stand out from the billions of ecommerce pages that are currently available on the internet now. Generating traffic and leads are two of the top challenges that digital marketers face today. It’s no secret that having a strong online presence is crucial for any business.

However it is simply not enough to keep customers engaged. Understanding ecommerce SEO issues that every website owner faces will give you an edge on the competition by ensuring a top spot in the Google search engine.

Low quality Content

All written content should be of high quality, easy to read, and unique. This includes strong product descriptions that encourage search engines to find unique content. If no new content is produce, your ecommerce SEO will not get the exposure it deserves. Product information should be updated regularly to ensure page ranking as the first Google page.

The release of Google’s Panda algorithm has changed the game for content development and ecommerce SEO. Those that average 1890 words typically show up first. Also creating duplicate and unique content for all products on your website will ensure your business is found. For larger sites, user – generated content can fill the gap and boost sales. In short, to increase your ranking on Google search, you must have custom product descriptions.

Links built improperly

If your links are not sending your customers to the right products, they will leave. Ecommerce SEO must be easy to navigate to create a simple and enjoyable shopping experience for the customer. Utilizing breadcrumbs throughout your website can help you improve your click rates and usability. Breadcrumbs are a secondary navigation system on your website that informs visitors of their location within the site hierarchy.

They also communicate the content value of whatever the customer lands on, reducing the bounce rate for your site, and increasingly the discoverability of the content. The customer doesn’t have to work as hard to find the items they need and are not overloaded with content. There are different types of breadcrumbs that include attribute, location, and path. Attribute based breadcrumbs are most popular for ecommerce sites and lists the categories to specific pages or products, which helps customers understand the relationships of products.

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Location breadcrumbs represent a sites structure by helping your customers understand the layout of the website. Path based breadcrumbs are also called a “history trail” and can sometimes be confusing. However, they indicate to the customer where they’ve been to reach a particular page. Breadcrumbs are a win – win for an easy shopping experience.

No user reviews

User reviews increase conversion rates. The impact of including diverse user reviews on an ecommerce website have been proven. A study conducted by Yotpo of over 30, 000 businesses that added user reviews revealed that organic page views increased over 30% per month. Although it can seem like you are taking a risk as an owner allowing customers to leave a review, the impact is sure to be a positive one.

Loading speed

Customers do not want to wait more than a few seconds for your website to load. When the customer is forced to wait any longer, the lag in load times can cause cart abandonment and negative brand perception. The longer it takes for the site to load, the more often customers will abandon their purchases.

According to Shopify, you can utilize Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool that measures your speed while providing insights on how to maximize your ecommerce website. Ensuring that your site is using only the essentials is another great way to keep your loading speed from being weighed down. For relatively large ecommerce sites, using a CDN or content delivery network can promote faster processing by accessing a global network of servers that cut load times.

Executive Digital knows SEO for ecommerce websites. Whether you are new to building your website or have been in the game for a while, our SEO experts can help.


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