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10 Reasons Your Website Needs to be Mobile Friendly

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Mobile friendliness and mobile responsiveness are two key components of a successful business. Notice I didn’t specify the necessity as related to marketing or an online presence. That’s because mobile responsive design is no longer limited to innovative marketing approaches; a mobile brand representation is required to communicate with consumers if you want your brand and business to survive.

Why is mobile so important?

Besides fresh air, there is very little that consumers cannot access from their phones. Work, friends, family, household goods, food and entertainment are all accessible through online platforms and online platforms are readily available on users smart, mobile devices.

Mobility has become the theme the 21st Century and with it, brands have adapted their businesses and marketing strategies accordingly. Whatever has been done before offline is being done online, or it will be soon.

Why do you need a mobile friendly website?

Majority of searches and purchases are being made from mobile devices, meaning more than half of consumers are experiencing your website from the palm of their hand and expecting nothing less than they would normally find on a desktop version.

If your site loads slowly, runs into funky formats or otherwise disrupts a pleasant user experience, you have about three seconds before a potential customer leaves your site to find what they need elsewhere. Meaning, mobile website execution must be flawless.

Perfect website execution includes a seamless user experience, which includes not only a version of your website that opens on a mobile device, but also a mobile website that responds to all experience commands. Let’s take a closer look at why you need a mobile friendly website.

Reasons to Make Your Site Mobile Friendly A.S.A.P.

1. Your consumers are mobile

More than half of all online searches are being performed from mobile devices, meaning more than half, if not most, of your consumers are mobile, too. Because a majority of your consumers are mobile and trends indicate this ratio only increasing, you must meet you’re potential buyers and advocators where they’re and

2. Mobile consumers behave differently

Consumers shopping on mobile devices have different habits than those shopping on desktop site. Mobile viewers are used to consuming digital media through photos, video and other forms of interactive and online media. Your mobile site can and should be set up to cater to online consumers’ behavior and habits. In most instances, this will your mobile website set up and operating much differently from your desktop site.

3. Google will reward you

Google wants always to provide the best possible experience to its users and right now, its users are mostly searching and active on mobile. In order to continue fostering a superior search engine experience to searchers, Google has included mobile responsiveness in its ranking algorithm. Google favors sites that provide the best mobile experience to users as the algorithm evaluates sites for content and searched products and services.  

4. Your visitors will favor your differentiated brand

Providing an unforgettable mobile website experience isn’t common yet, so gaining this advantage over competitors in your market can help differentiate your brand and encourage consumers to choose your online experience over others’ every time.

5. Comparable to an app experience

A user friendly mobile website can offer many benefits similar to those of a branded app for a lot less investment. Mobile websites can host interactive features, collect consumer data, encourage engagement, link to internal pages and social media. Visitors can create online accounts, keep track of activity, engage with other users and save items in their shopping carts. While an app offers an entirely separate brand experience, if you aren’t ready to invest in app development for your business, strengthening the mobile friendliness of your website is a good way to start reaping similar benefits.

6. Consumers want to keep shopping as they switch screens

A sold mobile website experience allows you to streamline your brand experience and consumers’ shopping or content consumption habits. If devices are linked to consumer accounts, you can you keep previous looked at or shopped for items top of mind in the mobile-friendly website page to take readers to where they left off on an article.

consumer browsing the internet through mobile device

7. Get traffic through social media referrals

Social media bios almost always link your mobile website, as do advertisements that you run on your selected platform. As long as your site is running up to speed, consumers will continue to browse, shop and consume the content you have available here.

8. Majority of potential sales are mobile

If you are not directly in front of consumers, they have no reason to think about your brand and consequently, no reminder to purchase products or services from. Since most consumers are mobile today, you’re potential sales are mobile as well. Redesign your website to meet these consumers online.

9. You can sell more to mobile shoppers

Mobile shoppers have all methods of sales transactions saved in their phone histories, rendering it unnecessary to get up and retrieve a credit card number and reconsider a purchase decision. Shopping online is as swift as one click if your site is adequately responsive to mobile requests.

10. Mobile advertising is on its way

Mobile advertising is still in the beginning of its influence on marketing and advertising budgets. A mobile responsive site is necessary to host valuable adverting on your site. Additionally, as mobile advertising becomes more prominent, click-throughs will feed consumers directly to your mobile website where a flawless experience is expected.


The reasons discussed above are only the beginning of the long and growing list of reasons that deems a mobile friendly and mobile responsive website essential to your marketing strategy and as a part of business development.
If your website isn’t yet mobile responsive, it’s time to get on board and hire a firm that get your website up to mobile speed. Reach out to our digital marketing gurus at Executive Digital to learn more about the importance of going mobile and the steps to take to get there. Get in touch with us today for a free consultation and to get started with our services that are most applicable to your needs today.


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