If you think about it, paying for advertising is the reverse of paying for car insurance. When you pay car insurance, you’re basically paying for something that might or might not happen, your car being damaged or stolen, although you hope it won’t. When you’re paying for advertising, again you’re paying for something that might or might not happen, increased sales, although this time you hope it will. We can’t do anything about the cost of car insurance, but with programmatic advertising, we are a lot more confident about your advertising results.

What is Programmatic Advertising?

Programmatic advertising, or Programmatic Marketing, is an automated process that uses real time bidding (RTB) to place your ad where your target audience will see it.

Is it the same as RTB Marketing?

No, RTB Advertising is the automated purchasing of ad space. Programmatic Marketing automates the process further by using software to decide which ad space to purchase. It makes these decisions based on information you give it about your target audience. This can include criteria such as gender, age, social status, geographical location and much more.

Do I really need it?

That’s a definite yes. Simply put, it’s one of the most efficient ways of ensuring your online marketing efforts are successful. It’s also the way of the future in digital advertising, with Google expecting to see over 100% growth in spending on programmatic advertising this year, and estimates by industry experts that 50% of all advertising will be programmatic by 2019.

What are the benefits?

It’s efficient. The process is automated so there’s less room for human error.

It’s quick. Again, because the process is automated, desirable ad space is selected, bid on and your ad displayed all in the time it takes a page to open on your browser. This means you never miss an opportunity.

It’s targeted and personal. If you wanted, the program could be set up to only show your ad to left-handed men living in Delray and online at 3 a.m. You will want a wider reach than that, but this gives you a good estimate of the targeting powers of programmatic ads.

It provides real-time data on your marketing efforts. This allows for constant improvements and optimization even while the campaign is running. If you know about advertising, you’ll understand the importance of this, if not, trust me when I tell you it’s a marketers dream come true. It also means you can get exact reporting on where every cent has gone.

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