You’d probably be surprised to know that most views on YouTube come from suggesting your videos to users, not by optimizing them on Google search. In fact, people only get about 15-25% of their video traffic from search engines. If you want your videos to reach a wider audience, you will need to develop a sound YouTube SEO strategy, and that is something we at Executive Digital can help you with.

Detroit MI may have suffered an economic blow in the past decade, especially in the automotive industry, but emerging technology fields such as IT, advanced manufacturing, and life sciences have instigated a steady economic recovery. Strong networking and SEO is crucial for maintaining such businesses.

Since over 90% of search results for videos on Google return searches from YouTube, it is obvious why you should take advantage of multimedia channels to deliver your message to the right audience.

Video is important form of content because it encourages immediate connection with the audience, especially on Facebook. This is why some of our team members are expert in promoting your videos on Facebook pages, organically and by sponsored content. As a respectable video SEO company, we can help you to integrate Facebook video strategy in your overall marketing strategy.

We mentioned before the importance of YouTube SEO. This doesn’t mean just the right video description and title, but also delivering enough data to Google so it can help you to reach the widest possible audience in your niche. We offer channel optimization, as well as optimizing videos on the channel.

Contact us today and start building your effective video SEO strategy with our experienced team members, who will help you deliver your business message to the right people.