With major tech brands like Google investing heavily in VR production and viewing technologies, and VR tech start-ups receiving 200 million dollars of funding in Q1 of 2017 alone, the technology is here to stay.

Once the preserve of Sci-Fi movies and a few brave pioneers in cumbersome headgear and gloves, the advent of cheaper, more convenient platforms has made it more accessible. It is even entering the mainstream, with Major League Baseball and sports clubs here in Dallas TX such as FC Dallas offering fans various AR and VR experiences.


Social Media are also rapidly adding Virtual Reality viewing platforms, with some offering 360 video viewing capabilities for Virtual Reality content for users without VR hardware

At Executive Digital, a leading digital marketing and Virtual Reality Company, our VR Services have harnessed the full production capabilities of the platform to create immersive solutions for our clients.

While VR technology is relatively new in the Digital Marketing scene, 360 video production has been around a few years. Research has conclusively proven that the immersive nature of the 360 experience gains it more views across the board, as well as more likes and shares on Social Media. VR takes this immersive experience one step further.

Using our VR production services is not just a great way to showcase a product or provide tours of facilities, they will also send your SEO results soaring.

Our virtual reality videos are fully optimized for video SEO and are Social Media Friendly. So call us today to discuss how VR can benefit your company.