While some might dismiss Virtual Reality as just another marketing fad, the advent of technology like Oculus, Samsung Gear VR, and other affordable virtual reality platforms means that it is here to stay.

Just a few years ago VR was something out of a sci-fi movie. Now, without the need for huge, cumbersome headgear and gloves, it is becoming ever more mainstream and readily available.

But is it really the next big thing in Digital marketing? Providing a satisfying experience for the end-user is one of the goals of all forms of digital marketing and research has shown that the more immersive the experience, the more satisfied the user is. This is why our 360 video services have had such a great impact on digital marketing in the last few years. Virtual Reality technology takes that experience one step further.


Imagine being able to view a property without actually going there? Or experience some of the challenges of an adventure holiday before you book your ticket? Or taking a tour of a hotels facilities? For some industries, VR production is a dream come true but can it benefit everyone?

At Executive Digital, we believe that VR in company promotion has something for everyone. If you are responsible for a brand with a celebrity tie-in, imagine the possibilities VR offers to maximize the potential of this connection. Or what better way for a local craftsman to gain their client’s trust than a virtual tour of the workshop. The possibilities are endless, and no company in New York, NY can afford to be left behind.

As a leading Virtual Reality Company in New York, we can provide for all your virtual reality and 360 video service needs so contact us today and together we’ll create a truly unique experience for your customers.