What is Paid Search Management?

Paid search management (aka pay-per-click management or PPC management) is an online advertising strategy designed to help your business cut through the clutter and rank among the top Google searches for products or services related to your business. With so much noise in the world of online marketing, paid search management is an essential tool for keeping your online business ahead of the curve by ensuring your product or service ranks among the top related google searches. A PPC strategy will help ensure your business stays current in the awareness of your potential clients.


Basic SEO (search engine optimization) tactics only go so far in ranking your website among the top related google searches. Spamming your home page biography with keywords may help your website pop up somewhat more frequently in related google searches, but it is a one trick pony and may cause your website to appear sloppy and unprofessional. Google Adwords can be effective in ranking your business name among the top related searches, however, without proper PPC management, your online marketing is dead in the water. These and other DIY tactics serve their purpose, but are ultimately limiting and unsustainable if you want to take your online business marketing to the next level. This is why a paid search management strategy is necessary for keeping your business relevant.

Let PPC management do the work for you!

Most business owners do not realize the amount of effort required for launching an effective online marketing campaign. With PPC management, your website will stay in the game by receiving frequent updates that keep your business highly visible in google searches for related keywords, making your website easily accessible to anyone searching a keyword related to what your business offers.

Reach further

Paid search management offers social media marketing campaign management strategies tailored to fit your business model. PPC management is designed to get your message to the greatest possible number of prospective clients using google to search products and services related to what your business offers.

Stay part of the public conversation

PPC management offers a steady flow of online traffic to your website in order to get your business to the top of the google search engine heap. For instance, if your home decorating business offers custom home interior designs, when a prospective client google searches “custom home interior designs,” PPC management enables your business website to be among the first to appear in a google search containing keywords related to your business, ultimately increasing the amount of daily traffic to your website.