Promoting a website and marketing it has become a much more complex requirement over the past decade. When advertisements first started to make an appearance on the Internet, marketers would basically pay a set fee to have their content represented through an image, link, or other digital formats. However, as the search engines became more advanced in determining the best algorithm for search engine results, the marketing platforms determined different ways for marketing content as well.

Marketing online now includes something known as programmatic marketing and RTB. The term RTB, short for real-time bidding for display ads, is a new take on marketing, and the reason why when you go to market your website or a particular product, there is no actual set price.

Online Marketing Basics

Before you get into online marketing, you need to understand a few basics. First, the majority of online marketing is based on PPC. Short for pay-per-click, your advertisement might have a million impressions, but you do not actually pay a cent until someone clicks on the ad. There is a price point for the ad at the moment it is clicked, which means this is the amount of money you need to pay overtime, when your ad is clicked.

What is Real Time Bidding?

In the online marketing world, marketing space differs in value. An ad spot on the front of will definitely cost you more money than the front of an independent blog.

However, the Internet allows this to be taken to the next step. Now, individual keywords associated with the advertisement can vary in their ranking position, just like the stock market, based on how popular that particular keyword or display ad is.

Essentially, it all comes down to real-time analytics of how popular your keywords and your target demographics really are. The more popular they are, the more you pay. With our targeted expertise and channel partnership, Executive Digital teams will ensure that your programmatic ads are displayed on top sites, targeting only the audience you’re aiming to reach.