What does full-service ad management include?

Great question! Our management services are completely comprehensive. We carefully monitor and perform the following:


Ad tag integration

The appropriate ad tags ensure the most optimal visibility for your advertisement. Based on what and where consumers search, well-tagged ads are sure to get in front of your ideal consumer target.


Monthly ad tag management, monitoring, and troubleshooting

As important as it is to pinpoint which keywords, times of day and websites are most highly frequented by your target audience, it is just as crucial to continually monitor ad tag responsiveness. By keeping metrics on user interaction with tags and links, we can determine the most strategic projections for ensuing months. Troubleshooting provides a type of trial and error that additionally helps to optimize your current advertising strategy to ensure you get maximum audience exposure, retention, and transaction.


Tools and tips to optimize current ad plan

There is never a perfect plan, because the present moment in our tech culture also provides a new opportunity for growth. Hiring an ad concierge means having constant analysis and feedback on current advertising efforts and advice and implementation for the best course of action moving forward.


Exclusive account manager

An account manager will save you countless hours of effort and time spent worrying about whether or not tasks are filed and fueled to completion in your advertising strategy. An account manager makes sure partners are happy, media is appropriate and accurate and that all necessary steps to a highly-tuned advertising strategy are in motion.


Executive Digital covers all of your digital marketing and advertising needs. Our team is highly-trained, well-experienced and always available to consult on your marketing endeavors. Reach out to us today!