With more than 1 billion unique users visiting YouTube each month, and over 6 billion hours of video being watched every month on this service, it’s becoming self-explanatory why your marketing strategy should focus on video content.
However, a video shot with a high-quality camera and a beautiful soundtrack isn’t enough.
In order to reach the right target audience within a niche of your business, your video must be properly optimized for search engines.

This is why we at Executive Digital, being a video SEO company, offers various video SEO services to our clients in many US cities, including Dallas, TX. Since Google tends to promote their own products–YouTube being one of them–we offer full YouTube SEO services to our clients.

YouTube owns 14% of all internet traffic, and 90% of video searches on Google are videos from this platform. We can help your business get a piece of this data. By properly optimizing your YouTube channel and videos with the right data for Google to recognize as important, your videos will rank better in search results than your competitor’s regular links.

Also, videos tend to bring higher traffic to your website due to the higher click-through rate. Everyone would choose a 15 seconds video over a 1000 words essay.

Facebook has a staggering number of daily video views – 100 million hours per day. We can also help you reach the right audience with Facebook video campaigns, as well as optimized organic video content.

If you’re not quite certain what kind of video SEO strategy your business needs, contact us today and learn more about our video SEO services and how each of them could benefit your business.