Facebook reported this year that it hit 100 million hours of daily video views, meaning that the majority of content consumed on this platform is in the video format. Taking advantage of this fact in terms of marketing and business development is extremely important. That is why we at Executive Digital have recognized this as a potential for helping our clients in Dubai to reach their desired target audience in their niche with video SEO services we offer.

Of course, the most important video platform (and the second largest search engine) is YouTube, delivering over 90% of video searches from Google. This means that a video that has been correctly optimized for YouTube SEO can help your business reach a far wider audience, rather than solely focusing on promoting your web page on Google. As a video SEO company, we offer YouTube channel optimization and video optimization, since it takes more than just a good title and video description to be recognized by Google.

Once the optimization is done, you can start building an audience of loyal subscribers on your YouTube channel. Optimizing video content for search engines can help you drive traffic to your website since videos that appear on the first page of search results have a high click-through rate.

Ask yourself – would you rather read a 1000 word long essay, or watch a 15 seconds video?
The multimedia approach to marketing strategy will result in higher website traffic, more engagement and it can drive the potential customers to your website more easily.

If you have any doubts about planning your video SEO strategy, contact us today, and we’ll discuss your goals and plans together in order to find the best possible solution for your business.