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If you’re still in doubt about the importance of SEO for videos, here’s few fact that will release you from it.

Owned by Google, YouTube is the second largest search engine, which is the reason why almost 91% of video search results are from YouTube.

Video has become the most popular type of content consumed online, prompting companies like Google and Facebook to adapt to such ever-increasing visual demands. Getting video SEO right is more important than ever for all business ventures. We at Executive Digital can provide you with our video SEO services to maximize its advantages and push you to the top of web browsers’ video search results.

Today it is common for your optimized video to rank higher than your web page, which is why our video SEO services will help your message reach the widest possible audience.

We will:

– Help you optimize your existing videos on your video channel, as well as your video channel. We can help your YouTube videos move to the fast lane and improve your video content game. YouTube SEO is our game, and we know how to play it.

– Promote your videos through advertising on both YouTube and Facebook. We will help you reach the widest audience within the desired niche.

– Take a look at your content and how it complies with industry standards. With our video SEO audit services, we will help you understand how you rank with the other big players in your niche.

– And many more video SEO services…