By the end of 2017, numbers show that around 70% of Internet traffic will be video related. With this information, it is evident why video SEO should be an essential part of your marketing strategy. It’s essential to hire a video SEO company that will be able to take advantage of the opportunity to reach a wider target audience in your desired niche.

It’s common for business today to have a YouTube channel as much as it’s important to have a Facebook or LinkedIn account. We can help you to optimize your YouTube channel and videos with our YouTube SEO services. A known fact is that Google promotes its own products, and since YouTube is the second largest search engine – no wonder 91% of Google video searches come from YouTube.

For Google, an optimized video carries more value than a video shot with a good camera or beautiful soundtrack. It needs help, more than just a title and description, to reach the target audience. If you’re in search of video SEO company, we can help you with making sure that your videos are uploaded correctly, with the data needed for Google to deliver your content to the right audience.

Our team in Phoenix AZ has experience with video SEO, meaning that we can work with you on everything from channel creation to thumbnail design, as well as making annotations and links interesting and engaging, rather than making people want to turn them off after 3 seconds into the video.

Another thing we offer is Facebook video promotion – with almost 100 million hours of video content consumed every day on Facebook, it’s essential that you get your part of the deal by reaching the right audience.

If you’re from Phoenix AZ, contact us today and discuss your desired video marketing strategy with us, so we can offer you a full list of our video SEO services.