What is web design?

Web design is the process of creating, and developing the look, feel, and usability of your website.

Today, it is critical to focus on user experience, speed, and aesthetics for web design. Consumers are more likely to see your storefront online than they are to see it in person. This is the one chance you have to welcome them in, show them a glimpse of your brand experience, and offer an enjoyable time browsing your pages while educating them with thoughtful and engaging content.

Websites have approximately five seconds to impress a consumer before he or she decides to stay or leave. Knowing which tools can convince a consumer to stay and how to employ them in your web design will make or break every potential sale.

Web design is about more than pages looking pretty. Of course, a site needs flow and a strong aesthetic that suits your brand’s personality. Yet, the design is about so much more; including a user’s inclination or want to keep clicking through your pages.

At Executive Digital, we are trained and practiced in including the right amount of information per page, knowing when to include infographics and video while knowing exactly how to lead prospective buyers through the purchase funnel.


Website design in Raleigh is a competitive market and growing rapidly. Many website designers are just that, designers. They lack the technical skills to help your website rank on Google and other major search engines. Our team of designers and developers work closely with our SEO team to make sure your website design is not only stunning but also primed to rank. Keep up with the Raleigh web development competition by opting for our services in web design, SEO, mobile optimization, click-through conversions and more.

Before you go full-steam ahead and commit to our services, let our team run an audit on your site. We can show you which pages, content, and user interface designs are benefiting your brand and which ones are in need of a makeover. Call or reach out today for the best web design services in Raleigh.