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Executive Digital Marketing Experts – Hello World!

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ExecLogoRobotoFontCircleHere it is, Executive Digital’s first ever blog, on our brand new website! We hope this post manages to live up to the high expectations! We are excited to be putting ourselves out there on the world wide web (and more specifically, the people using that www in the United States and Europe), and let them know that we are open for business. We will repeatedly use the words synergy, best practice, optimization, targeted, results, fantastic, amazing, record breaking… you get the gist.

Who do we want to work with? Well, it would be an exaggeration to say everyone, which is why we only want to work with people/businesses/websites, that have the same drive and ambition as we do. We’re only as good as the people we’re working with, and the “synergy” between us, the “synergy” we create across their digital marketing channels/campaigns, should be strong. That’s why we like to work with potential clients before they come on board, offering our expert advice on ways to improve or execute their digital marketing strategy. And we don’t charge a cent, this is for our benefit as much as it is yours, it gives us the opportunity to see if we are a match, a fit.

When do we want to work? NOW, well, we are actually working right now, but we are highly ambitious here at Executive and we like to get stuck into our work projects, new or evolving! This might be the first blog on a new site, but our reputation with our clients speaks for itself, we work smart.

Enough about us, if you want to know more about our thoughts on digital marketing (as well as the services we offer), please feel free to poke around the website and drop us a line if you need our help. And in the future watch out on our blog for not only the latest news from us, but news and insights you really want to hear, such as tips on improving your visibility on Google, Bing or Yahoo, or updates on the latest changes from Search Engines (how is your mobile site looking by the way?). Watch this space… or just drop by regularly, up to you!

Welcome to our blog,
Team Executive Digital

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