Popular Web Design Trends in 2019

Popular Web Design Trends in 2019

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Web design trends show new and old elements; they are constantly evolving, both in aesthetic preferences and aesthetics designed to harness a viewer’s attention. Follow along to learn more about both types of current web design trends.

Design Trends: Superficial Design

Superficial design trends get audience attention and provide a pleasant viewing experience; they are focused on elements such as fonts, colors, and illustration.

  • Return to vintage typography

Old-school serif fonts (cue Times New Roman) are making a comeback, and it’s totally inspired. For nearly a decade, we’ve trained our eyes to read sans serif and convinced our marketing peers that foot-less fonts are the superior digital imprint, but new resolution capacities make serif fonts the go-to on mobile and desktop, giving readers everywhere a treat to vintage typography.  

  • Use gradients

Color gradients are everywhere because they’re an easy-to-add art to a page where design is lacking or to help a focal point stand out to the viewer. As you choose your gradients, stay within the color scheme of your brand aesthetic and psychology.

  • Design in flat and 3D

Many brands are showcasing flat design content with the option to view an element as 3D or with an evolving 3D effect the longer a viewer stays on the page.

  • Color vibrantly

Vibrant colors are at the top of the trend chart in 2019, infusing the online world with corals, blues, and neon hues.

Color vibrantly

  • Increase animation on mobile

Animation is increasing by user preference, but also in favor of its easy resolution and loading times. As more consumers browse online, loading times significantly impact a site’s standing and audience retention. As videos can be large and slow to load on mobile, animated clips and short videos take precedence for the motion picture in 2019.

  • Disrupt with brutalism

A surprising trend this year is a return to brutalism, an abrupt and basic design aesthetic between modernism and vintage that leaves viewers confused and intrigues their attention sufficiently to stay.

  • Include more text

This year, we return to an emphasis on text in page headers, overriding the long-favored picture or video posted on a homepage to grasp audience attention.

Design Trends 2019: Emotional Design

Emotional design creates an emotional connection with the audience by holding their attention, engaging their minds, and establishing a relationship between the viewer and the brand.

  • Visualize data

Data is difficult for anyone to conceptualize, which is why data visualization is essential to present complex information to your audience.

  • Standardize voice search

Voice search and command is increasingly common, so websites now look for ways to allow viewers to interact with their website through voice.

  • Focus writing on user design

Every bit of writing should be tailored to the audience’s experience on the page — why are they here? Where are they going? Why should they be listening? Keep writing precise and concise info if you want to keep your readers reading.

  • Evoke emotion through content

Inducing an emotional reaction or connection with users can be done through photography, videography, posed questions, interviews, and creative content prompts. When a user feels an emotion by viewing your content (fear, joy, anger, laughter), a connection is created.

  • Animate on purpose

Animation is growing in popularity; as it becomes mainstream, it gets scrutinized and viewers expect that each element of animation is purposeful.

  • Bring viewers in through surrealism

Surreal and abstract designs allow each member of your diverse audience to place themselves within the context of the content you present, and thus, establish a perspective from your brand, from the inside instead of out.

Hiring a professional website design team is the best way to create a website that harmonizes your brand identity and messaging while capitalizing on the latest trends in user design and search optimization.

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