4 Technical SEO Checklists You Should Follow

4 Technical SEO Checklists You Should Follow

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Did you optimize your website for search engine rankings when you first published it online, and then never returned to review, update and improve said SEO elements? If so, use the technical SEO checklist below to ensure that your website and SEO efforts are up to speed and ahead of your competitors.

Website Loading Speed Optimization

Speed is essential to the viability of your website for two reasons. First, your website visitors are used to super quick loading times, which means that you have 1-2 seconds for your content to load completely (both on desktop and mobile) before the said user gets impatient and leaves your website.

Not only does a dissatisfied visitor increases your bounce rate and lower conversions, but it leaves a bad impression of your brand on the consumer, likely deterring them from ever giving you a second chance.

Second, if your website is responsible for providing a bad online experience, it reflects poorly on the search engine (for example, Google). When Google sees that you have let down its consumers, it will move you down in its search rankings, and you will lose your favorable ranking position. Once you are lowered in the search rankings, you receive less traffic, and it is difficult to make your way back up.

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Conversely, optimizing loading speed puts your website in a favorable position to user experience as well as compliance with Google’s standards. Have you checked your website speed with Google’s speed test?

Follow these checklist items to optimize loading speed:

  • Limit the number of resources
  • Reduce the number of redirects
  • Minimize render-blocking javascript and CSS
  • Improve server response time
  • Optimize and reduce images without jeopardizing the visual quality
  • Set browser cache policy

Website Functionality Optimization

A well-functioning website is easy for both users and Google to navigate. As the website host, it is imperative to provide a pleasant browsing, shopping or learning experience to your online visitors. You can ensure optimality by first making sure that Google can find your content (crawling), that Google indexes your pages accurately and then ranks your pages favorably within a relevant index.

Follow these checklist items to optimize functionality:

  • Optimize crawl budget Avoid meta refresh (when moving site)
  • Use redirect for flash site to HMTL Resources are crawlable
  • Verify indexed content
  • Build search engine friendly URLs Test robots.txt to ensure Google sees accurate content
  • Review and update sitemap frequently
  • Review blocked resources
  • Use secure protocol – HTTPs
  • Set up 301 redirects after site migration

Content Optimization

Optimized content is key for engaged website visitors. Always ensure that links are functioning, images load properly, video is optimized for browser bandwidth, and that content is original, unique, and high-quality.

Follow these checklist items to optimize content:

  • Replace broken images
  • Employ structured data to highlight content
  • Keep several outbound links on-page
  • Audit internal links
  • Do not canonicalize blogs
  • Eliminate duplicate content

User-Friendly Experience Optimization

A user-friendly website is more than available for viewing on all devices. A user-friendly experience makes engagement swift and natural, offering a totally responsive experience on any device of your user’s choice.

  • Set up amp correctly
  • Add breadcrumbs to improve navigation

Importance of SEO Checklists

Once you’ve set up your SEO, it is important to continually run through the checklist and see that all elements are updated. You can maintain optimal website ranking status as you stay up-to-date with algorithm changes and ahead of your competitors.

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