La importancia de ser profesionales en las redes

“Información” es una palabra que escuchamos todo el tiempo, nos resulta muy familiar y la usamos habitualmente. Sin embargo, ¿podemos definir qué significa esta palabra tan usual y que según dicen “domina el mundo”? Los conceptos que moldean al término son varios y varían según desde el lado o ciencia que se los mire; pero hay un punto clave y …


Google Makes SEO Changes that Require Sites to Boost Quality

Since the inception of Google – a Stanford University student project – the search engine’s algorithm has been constantly tweaked and modified by marketing experts to improve the site’s ability to harness the most accurate search results in the quickest amount of time for users. As the algorithm undergoes change, Google tends to keep new result approaches under the radar. …


El mercado latino apuesta por los profesionales del marketing online

El acceso a la información ha marcado las épocas, ya que ha significado cambios profundos. Cuánto más acceso a la información ha tenido el ser humano, y a mayor velocidad, el poder de decisión de cada individuo se ha incrementado, cómo también los niveles educativos trayendo como consecuencia grandes inventos y avances que han significado progresos nunca antes pensados. En …

The Best social media marketing firm

Top 10 Social Media Tools

There’s no getting around the fact you need to have some kind of understanding and the ability to use social media to your advantage if you want to get your company to where it needs to go. Each and every one of the professionals that call themselves a digital marketing executive sing the praises of client interaction and the analytics …

VaporFi's first Instagram short-Spring 2016

VaporFi’s short Instagram video

Hi everyone, please check out our client VaporFi’s first Instagram video, produced, shot and edited by the Executive Digital team. Let us know your thoughts on FB, YT and IG. It is the first in its “Sunshine” series, with full minute and 30 second edits to follow. Also, follow our friends at VaporFi on their official Instagram channel: VaporFi’s Instagram

how to get followers on instagram

Are You Taking Advantage of Instagram for Your Business?

Social media outlets, such as Instagram, are no longer only for kids to share every moment of their everyday lives with followers. It’s actually becoming a key component within marketing and promotion strategies for companies of all sizes. You can be one of the many companies to take the next step and utilize the world of social media marketing to …

Sushi Money

You charge your client WHAT for SEO services?

Well, I’m not saying I’m surprised, but I’m saying that I’m shocked how folks in our business devalue their services. I recently read this report by Bright Local about how much national SEO agencies vs regional SEO agencies earn and then…it added the final “nail in the coffin”, the “SEO Freelancer” earnings column. Let’s get one thing straight: If you’re …