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2016 E-Commerce Trends in SEO

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SEO came into our generation like an uncompromising maze we didn’t get a map to until we were halfway through.  Some of us lucked out and were in the lead without much intention. Others had a ton work and lost time for which to make up. Navigating the maze of SEO is difficult.  Navigating the continually changing rules and clues of the SEO maze is more difficult. But if you can spend some time understanding the beast, it becomes more like a game; more like a sport even.  And yep, we’re going to say it:  it is fun.navigate SEO maze

SEO navigation requires strategy, contribution to the web that is harmonious with personal advantage, a keen eye on competitors, and a relentless will to stay in the know.

As we’ve seen explode in our own shopping preferences, e-commerce is a consumption method here to stay.  It’s convenient, reliable, and just so enjoyable.  With its rising popularity comes its rising competition.  The more e-commerce companies that enter the maze, the more e-commerce sites we have to compete with for top rankings,  and the savvier we need to become on the web.  

Here are 2016’s top SEO trends and tips for your e-commerce business:

  1. Get Local

This is perfect for all you small, budding businesses! In e-commerce, we think on national and global scales before considering local markets.  There is more profitably with larger numbers, and we don’t need one local market to be visiting our virtual store more than any other.  However, using a local target marketing strategy alongside your overall campaign is smart.  You can capitalize on niche groups that are being overlooked, and if you gather enough of them, you will significantly boost brand awareness and revenue- neither is ever unwelcome!

  1.   Mobility, mobility

Google already made mobile compatibility a must, but it’s up to each of us to optimize our site mobility.  Users trend from desktop to mobile by the masses every day, and their experience on your site in the palm of their hand will make or break your search engine reputation and viability.  In our near future, it is likely that all brands will need their own app, too.  Customization will be key, so now is an opportune time to explore functionality with creativity and design in your mobile site.  Remember, the better the user experience,  he higher your favorability in search engines.  

  1. Pop-up Video

As mobile users assume access to WiFi and data, videos are easy to download and watch. They are especially preferred by the generation that wants information now.  Video content is easy to digest, and the most entertaining to watch!  It’s also most likely to be shared, carrying the potential for going viral.  Here’s the thing,  tho.  Your video content needs to be superb and flawlessly accessible.  A video that takes too long to load will never be watched.  Whether this is a product of your site’s bandwidth or the viewer’s WiFi connection, it’ll be a reflection of your site.  Go above and beyond to make sure video plays seamlessly on both desktop and mobile.  Additionally, if your content is not high quality and compelling, you’re wasting your viewers’ time, and they will not return.  

  1.  Long Content

This doesn’t mean you get to max out word counts and bore your audience.  Instead, it’s an opportunity to write craftily and thoughtfully about your products to your consumer.  Consumers like content around the product.  Yes, they need to know basics likes specs;  but they want to know the story around what they’re buying.  From where did it come?  To where will it take them?  Stories, anecdotes, and innovative ways to present the context of their consumption is key, and Google will favor you for responding to these wishes.  

  1.  Share Away

The biggest favor a customer can pay you is a content share.  Whether a product link to one friend, or a content share to their 50,000 followers,  your link finds a new,  additional home that serves as an inbound link to your site.  Audiences and potential consumers continue to see your brand name floating around, resulting in increased brand recognition and legitimacy.

Sharing is the quickest way to go viral, which will also significantly, positively impact your rankings.  Content shares create an invaluable community around or within your brand that cannot be replicated through web visits alone.  Creating a community around your brand is essential for consumers to feel like they belong to something bigger when they buy your products.  The experience no longer ends with a purchase.  The continuation of the purchased world is essential to repeat purchases, consumer engagement, and overall consumer satisfaction.

While it’s possible to sell and profit without sharing, share-ability will significantly increase the longevity of your brand’s success.  

  1. Get creative with SEO

Follow the tips along the paths which we so far know, but don’t be shy to forge your own way through the ever-evolving marketing tool. If you hear about new methods or get an idea of your own, try it out!  At the very least, you are sure to learn something about SEO that you did not already know.

These tips are just the beginning, and from what we can tell, the trends are only here to pass.  It’s important to note that SEO builds on itself.  So, even though a trend might pass in four months, the one to replace its significance comes from the same constructs of its predecessors.  Getting in the race now and staying in it is the best thing you can do for your brand.  

For more tips on e-commerce advantages, Executive Digital is your most reliable resource!  We specialize in building brands for small businesses and can help create a life changing e-commerce strategy for your growing company. When you’re ready to navigate the maze and get ahead of your competition, we’ll be here eagerly awaiting your enthusiasm toward this incredible game we’re amidst calling itself SEO.