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Are You Taking Advantage of Instagram for Your Business?

Alan Campbell Social Media

Social media outlets, such as Instagram, are no longer only for kids to share every moment of their everyday lives with followers. It’s actually becoming a key component within marketing and promotion strategies for companies of all sizes. You can be one of the many companies to take the next step and utilize the world of social media marketing to your advantage. This is going to give you a couple of ideas for how you can utilize this application for your company as platform to generate exposure.

You may have already begun implementing video into your promotional plans, but did you realize you can post these same promotional videos on to your Instagram feed? Use short, attention grabbing snippets to grow your brand! Instagram currently allows for video uploads up to 15 seconds long; this doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s just enough to send out the “fishing lines”. The snippets are touch points to gain the attention of consumers, enticing them to click on the link in your bio promoted within your posts.

Instagram is the largest photo sharing platform in the world and an incredible tool to post any graphic designed promotional ads, infographics or video snippets to boost your social media campaigns. Don’t forget to direct viewers to your website by adding links to your website on the posts and in its caption.

While using videos and photos, take these opportunities to dive into the world of hashtags. These are labels, or metadata, used to help viewers find your promotional posts. When hashtags are used properly, you can increase the visibility of your posts by populating as relevant search results for other users, giving them the opportunity to be guided straight to your page.

In order to maximize the visibility of your postings, you need to interact. Build yourself a nice group of followers in which you converse back and forth with. Ultimately increasing the chance they’ll repost your upload to their followers, with their set of hashtags, giving your post and profile a viral effect getting in front of more users. It’s the ultimate form of digital networking. Its said word of mouth spreads like wildfire, so you should be able to take advantage of that potential with a properly managed social strategy.

With this information at your disposal, the ball is metaphorically in your court. Instagram provides a blog, Instagram For Business, giving you the ability to be able to get in touch with Instagram employees to inquire about the endless possibilities. Instagram also gives you the opportunity to interact with other business executives out there using these same services much like you will be. So If you have questions, the answers are out there; such as simply contacting the Executive Digital team for assistance.