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The Beautiful Benefits of our Video Production

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Video is a great way for businesses to build brand awareness and trust. At Executive Digital, we offer quality video production alongside our SEO and digital marketing expertise.

When you are ready to utilize video in your marketing strategy, one of the most important elements to consider is the quality of your video production.

The quality of video is important for several reasons:

Quality affects SEO

As Google and other search engines continue to refine their product and services (search results and information) for consumers, they get increasingly disciplined with the content that is allowed to rank favorably on the engine. Video should be well-produced, original, engaging, informative and easy to play. If the site does not have sufficient bandwidth for the video or the video is riddled with pauses, viewers don’t want to wait around for the content to load and Google will judge the content on your site accordingly.

Quality keeps consumer interest

When the video content you provide is quality, consumers gain more respect for your brand. They value you that have invested in the right resources to share important information about how your brand interacts with their topic of interest. Whether the video highlights your restaurant as a sunny spot for Sunday brunch or it walks consumers through using online banking tools, the respective consumers appreciate the time you’ve taken to satisfy their needs.

Quality builds viewership loyalty

Loyalty takes more time to build than interest, but as you repeatedly provide quality video to consumers, they’ll develop a habit of favoring your brand for their videos of interest. Over time, they’ll seek you out to see what new content you have to share about your brand, your mission or about the products and services you offer which consumers use and need in their daily lives.

Quality production is a critical component of embarking on offering video as content to consumers, which is why most brands outsource the daunting task. At Executive Digital, we are trusted by our clients to produce original, quality content all the time.

Here are some of the top reasons our clients continue to work with us:

  • We invest in your company.

Your interests and now our interests, and growth and brand development rank highly in our area of expertise.

  • Our team has consistently fresh content.

You might think that creativity would have to expire after a certain amount of time, but at our digital marketing agency, it is ever-evolving. In fact, the more we produce, the newer, fresher ideas we get for the next video series or platform concept.

  • Our company culture matches the pace of the digital revolution, so we match all brand personality types.

Whether you are a digital marketing company or a Family Dentistry, your consumer is an audience member of today’s technology and trends. All content we produce is catered to client voice and brand, but it will always match the current taste of the modern-day consumer tongue.

  • Our production quality is top notch.

As a digital marketing agency and SEO firm, Google’s standards come first. Yes, we produce engaging, beautiful content, but we build it in a platform that we know the big search engines take seriously and are more likely to rank favorably.

  • We can work with your budget.

Clients sign on for different projects, different lengths of time and with different needs and goals to be met. Work with our team to determine exactly which resources you need to take your business to the next level and we will work out a quote and budget that works for us both.

  • We get rave reviews on existing video content.

We recently wrapped up work for Kiki on the River. The videos showcase Kiki on the River’s personality and brand lifestyle in a way that words and photos were otherwise unable to convey so intimately.

  • Expectations are set up front and shared with our team and yours.

We work with you to clarify exactly what you expect from our production team and from your investment in video content. In return, we establish any material, time and future upkeep our work will require from your end. There are no surprises.

  • Timeliness is in our DNA.

The digital sphere is a rapid-paced environment and we perform consistently within that upbeat rhythm. Although we will establish deadline expectations, you can count on our work completed early, ready for viewership.

  • Our standards are as high for ourselves as we assume they are for the content you invest in to reflect on your brand.

As a digital marketing firm, we cannot compete unless we are constantly improving and striving toward being the industry leader. This requires us to produce cutting-edge content, and you can bank and getting nothing less on each video you work with us to create.

  • Our team is endlessly creative.

Having a voice in a saturated online world is no easy task. Fortunately, our team always comes up with new ways to produce engaging, funny, unique content ideas for clients.

  • Passion is our purpose for existence in this industry.

Not only do we genuinely want you to succeed as a brand in your industry, but we always love producing video content. It is an extension of marketing that has been in the game for a long time, but that has only recently proved itself as one of the most valuable assets for SEO and digital marketing strategy.

Video is newly an essential digital marketing strategy component.

Hiring the right team to produce quality video content for your brand is a crucial investment right now. To learn more about the video services we offer at Executive Digital or dive deeper into our client testimonials and video reels, reach out to our team. 


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