5 Tips for Creating SEO-Friendly Content in 2019

5 Tips for Creating SEO-Friendly Content in 2019

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Search engine optimization content is growing more important. Optimizing your website design and layout is one way to climb the ranks of Google search. Did you know that the content you publish is also an important aspect of your site that Google’s algorithm critically evaluates and uses to determine where and when you show up to searchers?

Developing content specifically for SEO is an ongoing trend that is becoming a focal point for SEO for the remainder of this year.

What is SEO content?

SEO content basically aims to please Google’s algorithm by providing content that is superior to competitors in that it goes above and beyond user expectations and needs. Content for SEO can be leveraged to climb the ranks of Google search, but it also comes full circle in engaging readers more authentically, promoting your brand, and earning loyal followers who evolve into purchasers and advocates.

Here is a glimpse of the guidelines that can help you curate and publish the most effective content for impressing consumers, pleasing Google, and achieving your brand potential.

5 Tips for Creating SEO-Friendly Content in 2019

  1. Understanding Mobile

There is so much more to mobile-friendliness than ensuring that users can navigate their way through your website or app. Going online on-the-go fosters an entirely different experience for shoppers and searchers. Tap into your mobile research to get a thorough idea of how your consumers behave on their mobile devices: how and where do they click or swipe? When are they searching? What do they share?

These behaviors hand you golden insight into what content your consumers want to see so that you can meet and exceed expectations.

Understanding Mobile

  1. Aim for depth in quality

How far into detail can you go about your subject without getting dry? How ever far that is, go there. If it isn’t very deep, don’t exaggerate and try to make a long video or article about nothing. But, in the topics where you can expand and educate your audience while entertaining them, make it count. The greater in depth you can go into the quality of your content, the higher Google will favor your content. Get creative as your dive deep: find times to use graphics, videos, listicles, and clever ways to explain ideas to users.

  1. Establish authority

Turn the gears of your brand reputation by establishing a sense of authority in your industry. Do this by remaining consistent in content messaging, by bringing industry experts in for guest videos or articles, and by getting your content shared by peers or leaders in your field. As much as possible, you want links out in the web coming back to you and your site.

  1. Think beyond Google

Google search is huge, but it isn’t the only platform shoppers are using to find your content. They’re looking for apps, videos, series, and music to digest the content they’re after. Tap into podcasts, YouTube, and Apple to ensure that all of your content mediums (not just your website) reach your target audience.

  1. Be the solution

Before you go online tooting about what you offer, find out exactly what users need. When they are searching for your product or service, is it on a whim? Probably not. Find out the root cause that leads to their query, and then position yourself through keywords and content to provide the solution to exactly this problem.

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