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Content creation (but who’s listening)? How to target content publishing for inbound attention

Alan Campbell Content Creation

In a tech savvy generation, obtaining attractive appeal is key to generating traffic. Especially if you have the intentions and plans to gain customers, increase sales and popularity along with credibility and personalization.

3 Steps to creating content to increase inbound attention

  1. Define your target audience
  2. Have a clear content and distribution plan
  3. Build and nurture your relationships

How do you gather the correct content to drive in customers to buy YOUR products? In order to gain the attention of your ideal target, you must target your audience.

Inbound marketing hinges on several vital elements to assist engaging your audience, to turn prospects into leads – leads into customers, who in turn will help promote your business to a larger range of potential clients.

The beginning phase of inbound marketing is spent identifying and deciphering the characteristics and personas of your target audiences. These characteristics and personas will help you continue to tailor your content to the wants and needs of the people who take an interest in your company. Persona development is a key step to creating the personalized content that will draw customers in and keep them.

Once you claim the attention of customers, your next job is to keep them. Maintaining a customer’s needs is just as crucial as getting the client from the start. Once you have grown comfortable and more understanding of your target audience, you will need to keep those flames of interest burning.

By keeping up with the stats and analytics of your social media platforms, you are able to see what your target audiences love, what motivates them to keep coming back to your company, and what grabs their attention the most. By attaining that information, you continue to progress with your content, connecting to your audiences more each time.

By publishing the right content in the right place at the right time, your marketing transitions from interruptive to relevant. Once you find the best content for your audience, you will be able to use strategies to place your carefully thought out content in the most effective and attractive places.

Be original and surprising

Many competitors publish the same topics over and over again. Coming up with well thought out topics, compiling research for individual and unique to your company topics and headlines will gain you far more attention. Customers that continue to see topics and headlines that pertain to their interest and needs will be the ones promoting your company.

Make sure that your content has character

You want to make sure that your content separates you from your competitors. What sets your company apart from the rest? Are you down to earth? do you have a sense of humor? Do you like to shock with interesting facts and information? Finding out what makes your company tick will be the most beneficial way to mark your companies character, enabling you to put a personality to your company.

Inbound attention is neither difficult nor unnecessary. Companies need customers in order to thrive. In order to continue obtaining clientele, a company must maintain their relationships with their customers and the best way to do that is by creating the best possible content to keep their customers intrigued.