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Facebook Marketing in 2018 – What Has Changed?

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Facebook announced an algorithm change at the turn of 2018 that impacted all brands and businesses with a presence on the global social network.

The platform announced that it would now show users content by friends and family over brands. The algorithm change was largely responsive to the controversy of fake news and massive backlash Facebook received for not monitoring more carefully. By cutting back on the what brands can quickly and prominently display to consumers on their news feeds, Facebook is significantly reducing the risk of fake news.

At the first announcement of the algorithm change, companies and brands grew vocal and many shared negative opinions about the switch, but Facebook’s new preference for friends’ content is not necessarily a bad thing.

Facebook exploded from its humble beginnings because of the way it organically connected users. If the platform had not created its social web by sharing photos and thoughts amongst friends, we likely would not have access to the global reach it permits us. As Facebook reverts back to its original intentions of sharing mutually-enjoyed content amongst users, let us remember the marketing platforms it provides and work with it to continue maximizing our brand voices.

How to Succeed in Facebook Marketing in 2018:

Despite changes to the algorithm, Facebook still offers many ways to engage with consumers, find leads, become an industry leader and optimize your online marketing efforts through its global platform.

Here are tips to follow for optimizing your marketing strategy on Facebook:

Go Live!

A couple of reasons might explain why Facebook has begun to significantly prioritize Live Video.

First, social media users no longer by the perfectly curated photos and videos shared by friends, influencers or brands. We all know who exists behind the “post” button – real people, just like us. We no longer care to see stationary (boring) evidence of an event after it happened. We want to be there in the moment, with the poster, right now! Live video invites consumers into a raw experience with access to an event like never before. Second, Facebook Live video can compete with Snapchat video and continue to keep consumers using their platforms, which includes both Facebook and Instagram.

How do I use Facebook Live Video?

That’s a great question! Before going live on the largest social media network in the world, you want to have somewhat of a game plan for what to do how to act.


Girl waving to cameraIntroduce what the live event is about to show and introduce yourself. Continue your introduction for at least one minute, and repeat the topic and details about yourself a few times. Followers will be notified of your going live, so you want to provide a brief window of time for them to join the live video.


Keep your camera moving. Nobody wants to watch someone else take a selfie for five minutes or stare at an unmoving space waiting for a something to happen. Move your camera, walk around, show the audience your setting; this will keep consumers engaged and wanting to stay joined for more.

Ten minutes

Try to keep talking for at least ten minutes, then get to the big reveal of your live video. Since consumers can keep joining in real-time, they’ll miss out on all your stellar content if you reveal everything you wanted to say and show in the first five or ten minutes.

Acknowledge mistakes

If you mess up, don’t worry! Laugh at yourself or call yourself out. We’re all human, your audience will understand and probably like you even more for showing how you are just like them.

Encourage engagement

As viewers join your live video or comment or send hearts and likes, other viewers see their live activity. The more engagement you receive on live video, the more others want to engage, the more exciting your video seems and the better audience turnout you will receive.

That was a lot about Facebook Live Video – that’s how important it is in 2018! Onto the next.

Build your strategy with influencers

Multiracial friends group using smartphone at university college - Young people addicted by mobile smart phone - Technology concept with connected trendy millennials - Soft pink pastel sunshine filterWith all the emphasis on influencers and organic posts, there is not a whole lot of reason to look away from influencers. However, there might be an advantageous way to look at how to fit influencers into your strategy.

Working with influencers to reach your audience probably won’t plan out as plainly as approaching an influencer with a big audience whose consumers are like yours (or are yours) and paying them to post about your product.

Instead, take some time to get in the head of your consumers. Read what they read, do what they do, follow who they follow. Enter their thought process so you can understand what content, what product or what changes they want to see next. Then, approach influencers who you both trust to build a project and campaign together. The forward motion together will appear natural to consumers if you and the influencer(s) really do share a common identity and world interest that resonates with the audience.

Pay to play

While Facebook is prioritizing organic, interest-friendly content, it is still worth it to pay for optimal placement on the network. Both are good routes for connecting with consumers, and both are necessary to grow your online presence and company profit. Facebook ads are affordable and help you reach new audiences of prospective consumers.

Facebook is still important in 2018

Facebook leads the entire universe of social media, and they revolve their constant changes around us constantly evolving humans. Staying on top of social media is essential to adapting to the future and keeping your consumers engaged with your brand.

To learn more about Facebook’s changes and how to expertly navigate them, reach out to our digital marketing gurus at Executive Digital. Let us run a free analysis of your current marketing strategy and help you close the gaps in your efforts so your brand can achieve its highest potential.


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