Google Assistant What Cool Features Does it Offer

Google Assistant: What Cool Features Does it Offer?

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Voice Assistants

Voice assistants have been an entertaining tease to most digital consumers in the last few years. For most of us, our first experience of interacting with a smart-phone voice was via iPhone’s Siri, who triggered a number of viral videos of funny exchanges between smartphone users the Siri’s erroneous attempts at answering questions or responding to requests.

Of course, that was only the beginning. The idea of a virtual assistant built into our smartphones felt like a slice of life from the future, but it caught on quickly and quickly made its way into our everyday reality. Speaking is easier than writing: we can concisely communicate needs, speak more quickly than we can type, and it allows us to multitask more easily.

As Siri progressed in her skill set, we also watched the rise of Amazon’s Alexa, who offered a wider range of requests and fulfillment from home or the office. Now, Google has entered the playing field with their virtual voice assistant, Google Assistant.

Yo, Google: Introducing Google Assistant

Actually, the software responds to “hey, Google,” not “yo, Google” like Kevin Durant stubbornly (jokingly) requested in the AI commercial during the 2018 NBA Playoff Finals. The spot featured a slew of celebrities casually catching Google Assistant’s attention with the catchphrase, “hey, google” and going on to summon the information or task of interest from the search engine’s new voice-powered assistant.

What Can Google Assistant Do?

Long story short, Google Assistant can make your life easier, better and more fulfilling. Sounds ridiculous, right? But it’s true. Leave it to Google to bring us a personal assistant who can make our lives virtually hands-free, slivering up more time to indulge in days and hobbies and be more investigative about topics and experiences we’d otherwise be too lazy, busy or hand-tied to explore.

Let’s look at the assistant’s specific functions.

Troubleshoot Pixel 2 XL

If your Pixel 2 isn’t working or you run into a screen glitch, you can ask Google to troubleshoot it for you so your phone can get back to working order and you can carry on with your day.

Listen to the News

Instead of reading the news in the morning, ask Google to read it to you while you get ready for work or hop in the car.

Get Sports Scores

Ask Google for last night’s or last week’s sports scores if you missed any games.

Set Reminders

Ask Google to remind you about a meeting tomorrow or about where you left your car keys so you don’t waste any time over forgotten matters.

Buy Movie Tickets

Itching to get to a movie this weekend? Ask Google to buy your tickets without the hassle of visiting a third party ticket site.

Have Google Wake you up

Ask Google to wake you up to a tune of your choice before you head to bed.

Send Messages

Send messages to friends while you are busy cooking, cleaning or playing with your kids.

Get Caught up on Emails

Ask Google to read you your emails while you head to work or while you have lunch. You can also ask to check for any emails you missed yesterday.

Woman asking Google assistant to read her emails

Control TV and Find out What’s Playing

Ask Google to find tonight’s game on TV or what time your favorite episode will be on.

Practice your Second Language

Set Google’s language in your second language or a language you’re trying to learn.

Google Pay

Pay for products quickly and easily, without lifting a finger or reaching for your wallet to access a card number.

Integrate Nest or Ecobee Thermostats via Google Home

If you have a smart home system with thermostat control, Google Assistant can keep tabs on fluctuation or turn the dial for you from afar.

Check Out What’s Nearby

On your way into the city? Ask Google Assistant what’s popping for happy hour tonight, where the deals are and where you can find parking nearby.

Cue Netflix Shows and Movies

Ask Google to start playing an episode for you on Netflix and let your weekend of binging begin.

Unlock Your Device

This sounds small, but how annoying is it when you need to unlock your device only to realize your hands are wet or sticky or otherwise unable to help you out? Google’s got you, no problem.

Convert Currencies

When you are traveling abroad or planning a trip, ask Google to convert the currency exchange so you always know what you are spending.

Use Google Lens

Take a picture of an establishment sign or poster and Google will tell you about the event or the place with relevant ratings and information.

Play Music

Tell Google what you feel like listening to, and your playlist will begin without lifting a finger.

Woman asking Google assistant to play music

Order Products through Target

Like Alexa orders products through Amazon, Google can order anything you need through Target.

Link Accounts

Link Google to your work or school account so you can access more information through the voice assistant.

Get Vacation Tips

Headed out for the week on vacation? Ask Google for vacation tips while you pack your bags.

Search Images

Forget typing in landmarks to Google Images; simply ask Google to show you pictures of places you want to see.

Motivation and Entertainment

Ask Google to share inspirational quotes, funny jokes or play games with you when you need motivation for the day.


Not confident about solving multiplication tables in your head? Ask Google to solve it for you when you’re leaving a tip or debating signing up for a membership or new service.

Google Assistant is available on the iPhone

If you are itching to check out the new AI assistant but don’t have a Google-built device, you can now download an iOS version for iPhone.

What does it all mean?

With the introduction of Google Assistant, we know for sure that voice technology and interaction is here to stay and to continue evolving. Most likely, we will begin to see an integration of brand voice assistants through company apps, websites and select products and services.

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