Google becomes Siris New Search Engine

Google Becomes Siri’s New Search Engine

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Another sign points toward the collaboration of the two tech giants, Google and Apple. In September 2017, Apple confirmed that it would use Google for Siri searches, replacing the previously trusted Bing search engine.

Has Google ever been Apple’s default engine?

The new deal is not to imply that Google search results have never before shown up in Apple search queries; you’ve probably been through many a Google search result from your Apple device. To date, Apple’s Safari browser pulls Google search results on Mac, iPad and iPhone devices.

What is new about the search engine preference?

Now, Google becomes the search provider for both Siri and Spotlight (the menu bar that appears when you ‘pull down’ on the screen or hit the magnifying glass on your Mac).

Why the switch?

Apple has reportedly switched its browser preference to keep search results consistent for users. Now, when a searcher request information via Safari, Siri or Spotlight.

Does this mean Microsoft is out?

Definitely not. In fact, Bing will still serve as the browser preference for Siri Image results and Apple is hopeful about continuing their relationship with Microsoft. Microsoft is confident about Bing’s position as a leader in AI going forward, as well.

How big is the deal with Google?

Supposedly, Google’s deal with Microsoft stretches into the billions, which many sources report as the current spending range already.

As much as Google is spending to be Apple’s primary search engine in these avenues, the tech company will more than make its investment. Since search engines are monetized by advertisements, Google can now offer exponentially more eyeballs and (potentially) clicks to advertisers. As more advertisers pay more to show up on Google search pages, the engine will rake in significant revenue and become increasingly more valuable.

The Power of Siri

Siri and Siri’s searches are becoming more valuable as more people opt for voice search over type search. By 2020, Tim Cook, Apple CEO, predicts that Apples services segment (which includes Siri) will double in revenue.

As searches with Siri become clearer, quicker and more consistent with search results garnered from other platforms and devices, Siri will continue to gain search favor.

So, what does this all mean for your brand?

  • Spend advertising dollars on Google.

Likely, you are already spending a hearty chunk of your advertising budget with Google, and now you have greater incentive to continue doing so. Google search pages display advertisements, so even if a searcher does not click on the ad or link to your landing page, you are guaranteed more eyeballs on ads. The more people who see your brand name and associated image/aesthetic, the greater your brand awareness becomes, the more potential loyal consumers you gain.

Getting your brand name in front of as many people as possible is essential in all stages of business: beginning, growth and development and maintaining industry dominance.

  • Adapt SEO to the future of search.

As more people opt for Siri and voice automation for searches, tech advice, and communicating, the more Google will modify its SEO requirements and algorithm. Start paying attention to evolving SEO trends now, so that you can remain active in top search results. Although you can follow Google’s SEO updates, it is a wise idea to work with a digital marketing or SEO agency you understands the depth and breadth of the evolving voice search and how it is affecting/will continue to affect your rank and rise on the main search engines.

  • Embrace Mobility.

The world has gone mobile, this we know. If you have not already slid your business onto a mobile platform, now is the time! Users are searching for businesses from their mobile devices, which significantly impacts your position on local Google searches. When mobile users arrive at your site, they expect everything to be highly functional, easy to navigate, and easily interactive with their digital pursuits or needs. Work with a website specialist to guarantee that your site is optimized for mobile and just as wonderful to experience as it is on a desktop.  

  • Run Google’s mobile-friendly test.

An easy way to test the functionality and ease of your mobile website and shopping experience is to run it through Google’s mobile-friendly test. The test will tell you whether or not you pass the SEO algorithm expectations, where you are lacking, excelling and where you can improve to make the biggest difference in search rankings. The test might reveal very little that needs to be changed to improve your site, or you might find yourself in need of external, outsourced expertise. If the latter is your results, please reach out to our team at Executive Digital for a consultation.

  • Adopt a conversational tone.

This should be easy, sharing content that speaks to consumers like friends and peers more than researchers and academics. Voice search invites consumers to ask Siri casual questions, rendering keyword phrases new and in need of a change from most businesses. Instead of typing “pizza joint Miami,” users are asking, “Hey Siri, where can I get a pizza?” Siri automatically locates the user’s location (so long as location services are on) and responds to the query accordingly. Prepare to evolve your keyword language and invest in local search optimization.

Apple’s recent search engine transition from Bing to Google for Siri search results speaks volumes to the expectations that both tech giants have for voice search and AI going forward.

Users can now expect to have a cohesive search experience across Apple platforms and devices and Google advertisers can expect to see views and clicks skyrocket.

As industries adopt AI functions as essential pillars of their brand identities, digital marketing will evolve to the change in branding and search nature. To best understand and navigate the growth of voice search and Google’s new partnership with Apple, reach out to our team at Executive Digital. Our experts are here to guide you through all emerging trends in the digital sphere so that your brand can healthily grow and maintain a top position in its respective industry.


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