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Tools to Have Handy for Your Content Marketing

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Content marketing was certainly abuzz in 2016 and it continues to do so in 2017. In fact, it’s just about all we heard and continue to hear about, but let’s be honest- how many folks really knew what these two little words implied?  Video, posts, photo and using these to market your brand of course.  But how do we make them essential and effective in our campaigns?  As a digital marketing expert, I hold the secrets to your brands’ success when it comes to digital marketing (kidding, it’s magic, of course). Follow along with me and see which tools you can use to get the most out of your content marketing. Disclaimer: every agency has their own set of tools. We test 8-10 tools per month, and as such, are sharing some industry insider stuff here, but feel free to experiment as well.

First and foremost, let’s break it down by category. Content marketing is a giant umbrella for a diverse group of tactics. Some brands need content marketing for new ideas, some need it for awareness or loyalty, and still some need it for measuring the effectiveness of their campaign efforts. Some (okay, most) brands need it for all of the above.

Let’s look at the top five categories for content marketing:

  • Before you get the group together and start busting out mind-blowing clips of your imagination, you should first gather insight. Utilize content marketing to find out what your consumers have in common; what they find funny; which types of content they’ll consume. After all, this is for them. Right?
  • There are no excellent digital content creation companies without stellar crews of ideators. Even the best content creators need imagination and plot lines with which to run. Content marketing can help jump start the brainstorming process. Every idea comes from some other idea – don’t be in denial about this! We’re all out to collaborate together.
  • Well, certainly content marketing is essential in creation. There are certain methods to make your creation more likely to succeed at market and tools to guide you through the crafting process.
  • Marketing is pretty much the purpose of your content, but how effectively do you implement its function? Using tools helps streamline your process en route to your goals. Don’t get flustered with the endless marketing options- use the tools that target your consumer for the most effective returns.
  • It’s true! Content marketing can also be used to measure effectiveness and reach of your campaign. Understanding the measurement behind any campaign helps guide you more effectively through the next one, then the next after that, and thereafter.

So let’s get down to the tools! It’s likely that you’ll want to explore more within each category. Lucky for you, this Miami marketing agency exists to help you with just that. But before we meet, think about which areas your campaigns need improvement or are neglected the most. Then browse some of these tools so that you understand just how useful tools can be!

Let’s get started on tools and techniques:


  1. Google’s Keyword Planner

Quality content is fabulous, but if it doesn’t reach an audience, it’s mostly useless. Google’s keyword planner is a perfect place to start for many brands. The keyword planner is part of Google’s AdWords suite and it identifies which keywords your consumers are typing in to find content or companies similar to your own. You don’t need to “infest” your content with keywords, but using them consistently over time with help bump you up in Google’s search. That’s when your content is effective, because it gets read!

  1. AnswerThePublic

AnswerThePublic literally gets the questions of the public. So you basically get to do all of your consumer marketing research in one swoop. Forget sending employees to the streets! But seriously, consumers like content that answers their questions. So figure out with questions they’re asking.


  1. Do you think of ideas in line at coffee and then as you’re leaving your desk to go to a meeting or three times during someone’s presentation? Of course you do. Evernote syncs your notes, ideas, and sketches over all of your devices in one place.
  2. If you haven’t used Prezi yet, try it out! All of us need visual aids for creating strong, robust campaign ideas. Instead of the traditional, linear PPT model, Prezi presents information in multiple directions; allowing for the fluidity and vastness of your campaign ideas.


We all work in different ways to create and we naturally gel with different tools, so let’s just list out the ones you should be experimenting with:

  1. Audacity- audio. SO easy.
  2. Podbean- audio
  3. ePodcast Creator- audio
  4. LookbookHQ- eBook
  5. Zmags- eBook
  6. Uberflip- eBook
  7. Scripted – writing
  8. Textbroker- SEO writing
  9. Copify – editing
  10. Skyword – writing
  11. Zerys – writing
  12. Contently- writing


  1. Pardot helps build automate targeted messages to potential consumers
  2. Genius tracks the activity of leads so you know which steps to take next.
  3. Constant Contact. If you aren’t using email as part of your marketing, time to start.
  4. Social media. Okay, so this isn’t a news flash but there’s so much of it: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Google+ and Offerpop. Try these tools to better navigate the platforms: Sprinklr, TweetDeck, HootSuite and Buffer.
  5. Brightcove is a distribution tool that allows you to add custom content via cloud to your site/page.
  6. Too busy to remember when to publish content? No problem, PixxFly will automate the distribution and syndication for you. Thanks, PixxFly.
  7. Tap Influence. Tap Influence allows you to connect and collaborate with social media influencers.
  8. Gets your consumers together that want to be brand advocates!


  1. Categorize customer intelligence, behavioral segmentation, targeting and scoring, etc.
  2. Forget page views, find out what consumers are searching for, specifically and what they’re sharing from your suite with friends.
  3. Syncs your consumers’ activity across all their devices.

How do these tools sound so far? Making your life easier, right? They will! And truth be told, there are hundreds more. Figuring out which tools are best for you brand takes some sitting down and diving into your strategy but once you know which to use, life will be so much easier! When you’re ready to start the process, get in touch with us.  We hope our little cheat sheet helps you. Enjoy.