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How Snapchat has changed the direct medium advertising in the digital age

Shannon Horowitz Social Media

Who would have pegged disappearing messages for the new wave of digital media? After a warm welcome from industry execs and social butterfly millennials, Snapchat has forged a path that reconstructs direct medium advertising. Oh, snap!

By bringing real life to our palms, Snapchat engages over 200 millions users. The snippets are brief- limited to only 10 seconds at a time- but my, are the impressions lasting. Snapchat has does an incredible job of implementing a one-to-many broadcast mechanism. Brands are able to put out one direct message that intimately reaches millions at a time. The story lasts for 24 hours so there is no swarm of a live feed that clutters one brand from being watched less than the next (unless, of course, you aren’t choosing stimulating content). Whenever one of the hundreds of millions of viewers is ready to enjoy content within that 24-hour span, the experience is there and it is theirs alone.

A brand’s story is like their feed. Consumers feel a sense of closeness as they get to peer into the daily lives of their favorite designers, teams and brands. The story tells the story of that brand, of its creations, of the team and of all the work behind the scenes. A great story reminds viewers to tune back in tomorrow or has calls to action throughout- think: what would be a hilarious prank to play on Thursday? Snaptext us your answer. Or, where should we film next Friday? Snapchat stories make cozy for experiences that reach the audience in such an organic way it doesn’t feel like advertising.

Discover is a newer feature of Snapchat where select (and we mean very select- the competition to be featured is fierce) brands get a permanent home to host content daily. Unlike the standard Snapchat stories, Discover stories are listed more prominently on the screen. A reader who reads neither CNN nor Cosmo can browse through and at multiple points, choose to enter the full CNN or Cosmo site. The Discover brands not only get to deliver their content to their pre-existing consumer base in a fun way, but they have the chance to acquire new readers, as well! Discover is a non-invasive way of reaching an audience. Nothing is pushed on the viewer, they push which brands they want to view and learn more about.

This type of direct media is responded to so well by millennials that it is bound to stick around and pioneer the way through direct medium advertising in the digital age.