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How to Target Social Media Audiences When Everyone Else Isn’t

Shannon Horowitz Social Media

Don’t let the offseason of your business slip away from you! There is so much you can do outside of that peak performance timeframe to keep your consumers engaged and even generating new business.

If you think about it, targeting your social media audiences when everyone else isn’t is almost genius. The feed clutter is less, the competition is scarce and your audience is missing you! Capitalize on this time to stay present in their lives, get active on their radar and even host promotions and giveaways that are inversely relevant (like, you’re a snow ski brand so you twist a ski trip at a summer-ski destination or even more creative, a ski trip in the sand dunes!) or directly relevant to your upcoming season. Let’s use the same example. Say you’re a snow ski brand- use the summer months to promote deals and giveaways for your skiers to lock in now and have ready to use at the first snowfall. This type of engagement lets consumers know you’re always thinking about them, you’re always preparing for the height of your industry season and that you’re their reliable choice brand for the entire year!  

Ask for you viewers’ opinions! Are you thinking about introducing new apparel? New gear? A whole new line? Ask what they think. First of all, this makes the consumer feel valued. You trust their opinion. It establishes a sense of confidence between you and your buyers. Second, you should be able to condense and channel this feedback to ensure your most profitable expansion decisions. As much as you want your consumers to think you care about their opinion, you probably do want to care. After all, they’re the ones buying when product hits the shelf!

Another fun way to stay engaged with consumers in the offseason is through the classic tease reel from last season. We might as well call these off months the teasin’ season, better yet, the teason! But seriously, compile your best footage or best packages of footage from your peak performance period to share with past and potentially future consumers. Put in the effort to make strong content, it’ll co me back to help your SEO and keep your audience impressed all year long.

If you didn’t get enough idea starters for your off-season social media approach, reach out to the Executive Digital team! We’re always happy to help, to consult and keep your thriving brand the best of the bunch.