A girl is taking a photograph of a lake

Visual Mediums and How Visual Media Integrates with SEO Strategies for Conversions

Alan Campbell Content Creation

Visual media is the one of the most prominent factors that helps users decide which search results to choose and open. Like they say, a picture says a thousand words and those thousand words reach the viewer much more quickly than a text-only description. Visual media is on the fast track to the shortest list of elements that encourages viewers, retains audience numbers and promotes content share-ability

Visual media is so enticing because it plays on multiple senses of the viewer. While the audience reads and learns through text, images, and other visuals spark viewer imagination and more readily paint of a scene of the message that a story is trying to tell.

Threading your content with visuals can sky-rocket your content-based SEO. This includes photos, videos, infographics and any other visual that breaks apart your text content. Break up stories and articles with relevant images; keep the reader engaged. Make sure it is aesthetically cohesive with the site and that your images appeal to your viewer. Are you appealing to an indie millennial who would like to see old-fashioned looking photos? If so, make sure to find photos of this nature and edit accordingly.

Whenever there is content that can be represented by a photo or graphic, get creative! Show more than you tell. Today’s audience is photo-focused and loves to harness a lot of information in as little time as possible. To keep engagement up and further grow your SEO, give photos a call to action. Encourage the reader to click, enter, vote, take a poll- anything to engage!

Some quick tips to consider: Original content and curated content are most powerful. Your audience loves to see new content and appreciates the effort you put into making it. Articles with infographics are more likely to be shared in Facebook posts, tweets with url images are more likely to be re-tweeted and photos, generally, are most likely to be reposted.

Use a plethora of media platforms, but don’t overuse! It’s okay to focus on the ones that suit your website and business best. Consider your audience – which platforms do they use and where do they have a large presence (think about the potential share-ability).

Visual media is no longer a maybe, it’s a must! Keep your content creative and original. Embed it whenever and wherever you can (organically, of course) and track you content-focused SEO results as you add more. Always reach out to Executive Digital for more tips on how to best optimize you content and site!