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I’m About to Make You a Ton of Money

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Welcome to the first edition of ‪#‎MoneyMondays‬ curated by yours truly. This one is a special announcement Monday, because I promised you all last week that if you’re in the mood to make money, you need to read this today so I can start making you a lot of it.
I am inundated and often confused by posts I see on social media about people not making enough money. I’m not sure if it’s the lack of drive or lack of direction, but if you (yes you, reading this) need more money in your pocket, I am wiling to make you a ton, starting today.
You: You know business owners, CMOs, decision makers, digital marketers, marketing managers, marketing directors and in general, folks who need help with advanced web development, search engine optimization, social media, paid media, visual creative and other digital marketing & advertising strategies and techniques. You know folks who need help to get to the next level with their business and their financial gains via these digital mediums and who trust you. You also have the will and the way to talk to a ton of people who fit this description.
Me: A company CEO whose company Executive Digital provides incredible, advanced, enterprise-level web development, search engine optimization, social media, paid media, visual creative and other digital marketing & advertising strategies and techniques. My staff provides a full hands-on experience with the utmost professionalism and guidance in the muddy digital space.
Problem: I don’t have a lot of time, and I have an even harder time finding digital marketing account executives around the world who are passionate about helping people win in the digital space. I have thrown a ton of money at supposedly qualified salespeople only to find out they were all full of knowledge, but lacked the passion which my team and I possess to make sure the end user, the business owner or the marketer who hires us makes the best possible decision.
Solution: I’ve decided to put a lot of money in people’s pockets I know. Quite simply, since my first digital business, Crystal Visions, way back in 1995, as one of the first, true online shopping companies, I vested myself in people. People are who made all of my companies known for their value, prices and services which extends to today. Matter of fact, there are people on my Facebook friend list that were my first customers (actually, for my Arizona folks, Shawna White was my first online customer, ever, June 2nd 1995, her and her Sentra!)
What:  I am extending this program to EVERYONE I know and everyone that you know as a welcome into the Executive Digital family. The days of selling are over and days of advisorship based on true needs are upon us and this is where you come in. You will help me reach the folks I described above, decision-makers for the businesses who need true expert help. 
How: We are rolling out a program called Executive Referral. You are the referrer. All you have to do is sign up with us below and you will make significant, recurring, monthly fees from any deal that you bring to the table, from the person you’ve sent for us to advise.  You don’t have to sell, because we don’t sell. Your only responsibility is to make the connection between us and the people who need us and then, my Senior Advisors and C-level executives (myself included) will take care of your referral and show them how and why we are different and why our results speak for themselves.
Where: Anywhere in the world.  It doesn’t matter where you are, or where the folks who need our help are. It’s 2016, so much of our business is transacted via online showcases and connections so there’s nothing unusual about doing business across the globe.
When: Now. Why wait, unless you don’t like making money. 
“Aleks, what are you saying, I make money by referring people to you?” 
Uh, yes, actually, recurring, each and every month. 20% monthly for the length of the contract. An average SEO/Social Media spend for a mid-size company in the USA is approximately $11,236 per month (companies which make $5 million plus in yearly revenue). Do the math, this kind of a contract which is normal in our world would make you $2247.20 each and every month from 1, yes, one contract. (If you’re saying “not possible or impossible” then…thank you for reading and have an amazing day, but I’m not interested in talking business with you. If I listened to the negatives around me in my life, I wouldn’t be where I am today. )
But wait, that’s not all.  
The person you refer to us (rather, the company that hires us) also gets a recurring 10% discount on their monthly services (or one-time web/app development), because of your personal referral to us. Because you knew the right people and we knew the right people. Kinda cool, no?
Lastly, I know that I’m followed by a bunch of entrepreneurs. I love everyone who follows my social media, thank you. I appreciate you. But I want to make a special offer to the entrepreneurs out there. If you are confident in your human-leverage skills, I’d like to reward you even more because you know what it’s like to not sleep and be hungry just to get deals done.
Create your own army and get paid of each deal that person refers to us…So, you as the head of your team gets paid 20% monthly recurring commission and then another 7.5% from any “team members” you bring onboard as referral partners of YOURS. So, while they get paid 12.5% monthly, you make 27.5% from the recurring referral fee. There you go, I just created a new source of income for you and a new business model for you to build, if you’re into this whole entrepreneurial spirit, as you should be.
I’ve been sitting on this for a few months and thought it was cheesy, but the economy is shaky and money waits for no one so after consulting with my senior team, who supported my idea, there it is…my way of giving back to everyone I know, and everyone they know.
Ready? Send a simple contact email to (catchy, I know) and let us get you started down this simple path of connecting Executive Digital to people who need us but don’t know we exist. It really is that simple.
No exclusions, no nonsense, no games. I want to make you money because it’s about that time.
Questions? Hit me.
Thanks for listening, let’s make this April 2016 one for the books. Take charge of your own future with my team at the helm.
PS This post is Public, so you can share away. The goal is to create wealth and spread wealth, as has been my mantra for a long time, for those of you know me well.