Important Things to Check When Launching Your New Website

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New year, new website? Sounds like a perfect plan.

Creating a new website is a great way to freshen your online presence, liven your brand experience for users and to project a technologically savvy brand imagine. Once you launch, you will inevitably continue to optimize your site, but there are a few steps you can take before the launch to ensure you promote your new website on top of a strong foundation.

Check out our experts’ advice on steps to take and boxes to check as you prepare to launch your new website in 2018.

User Experience – Accessibility and CrawlWebsite development UI/UX front end designer reviewing sketched wireframe layout design mockup for responsive web content with AR screen

The most important aspect of your website is user experience and accessibility. If users cannot physically access your website or some content on certain pages of your website, the effort to communicate your brand is futile. Before launch, ensure the optimality of your content accuracy, website accessibility, loading times and overall UI design.

First, make sure your pages and ideas are tidy. You can run a website check yourself, monitoring for duplicate content, slow loading times or broken links, but it’s better to call in back-up. When you build your website, you see content over and over again until you can finish the thought of entire pages before reading the opening sentence, eventually rendering your surveillance ineffective. Send your site link to friends and family for a look-over. To be more thorough, use a software screening device that checks whether crawlers can get to all pages from all servers and notifies you of any broken or duplicate content.

Next, a browser checker can swiftly determine the accessibility of your website across all platforms, browsers, and devices. You want all users and search engines to be able to find you, so it is imperative that you show up whether someone is searching Safari on an iPad or Microsoft Edge on a Galaxy.

Lastly, utilize online and in-person testing for complete experience opinions. Where does the homepage drive users to look next? How long before they reach your online store? Are pop-ups and email opt-ins presented at a time that encourages users to sign up or to navigate away from your site?

When running your UI experience tests, don’t take anything personally. You’ve done an incredible job getting everything set up and now, it’s time to account for potential consumer opinions and enrich your site to best communicate your brand and services for sales, consumers and business growth.

Schema and Rich Snippets

If these words are not yet a part of your daily jargon, no need to worry. Schema and rich snippets are a couple of terms from a bank of tools you can use to further enhance your website content and experience. Once all boxes are checked for thoroughness, accuracy, and accessibility, the major search engines have additional resources you can use to identify opportunity vacancies to catapult your site toward success.  

Keyword to URL map

Including keywords on each page of the website is a crucial element for search engine optimization. Assuming you’ve done the research to identify which keywords your target audience is using to find products and services similar to what you offer, the next step is to embed those keywords into page content.

We know too well that as you write and create content for pages, it’s easy to lose track of targeted keywords, which is why we suggest using a keyword to URL map. To highlight where you have included keywords and where keyword opportunities are yet to be realized. 

It’s all too easy to miss keywords when building your site. A URL and keyword map will help you keep track of everything, so you don’t miss any SEO keyword opportunities at the launch.

Keywords and phrases will change as you refine your audience and product or service. Your website content might evolve too. You can easily keep your map updated and relevant to any changes you make in brand and development, inserting new keywords and ensuring each page hosts target phrases.

Boosting the Launch

Image of social response to new website.

Before you launch, plan out how the launch will manifest, how the day will go, will there be buzz about it?

Be creative with the ways in which you can invigorate your launch date. You can work with influencers, with writers you intend to have on as guest bloggers, with potential partners in the industry or friends and family with large social or business followings.

Consider accompanying your website launch with an actual party, where you can invite potential consumers and users of interest to learn about what your site has to offer. These attendees will naturally become advocates of your website, as their eyes have been the first to see the finished product, and they can go on to market your brand by word-of-mouth.

In addition to reaching out to influencers, partnering brands and pre-existing business relationships, review your presentation of the launch and new site on all of your current brand facets. Prepare social media content in line and ready to share and get all employees or owners involved and ready to celebrate the launch.

This is a team effort, make the most of it!

Get ready to go live

Launching a new website reigns in an exciting time for your brand.

You are off to new, improved and more expansive success. Get the most out of your launch by adequately preparing your site and marketing promotions ahead of time.

For additional guidance through your new website launch or development, reach out to our team at Executive Digital. We have extensive experience with website optimization and re-branding. Let us help your business reach its potential by exploring new territory online.


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