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How to Increase Organic Traffic

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Investing in your website development is futile if nobody is visiting your site. Traffic is obviously a critical component to your business success. However, paying for ads or SEO can get pricier than you’re ready to spend.

The good news is, we have many ways to increase organic traffic without carving out a significant portion of your budget and time.

What is organic traffic?

Organic traffic refers to any website visitors who come to your page without the assistance of advertising. Paid traffic, Organic’s opposite, includes all the viewers who click on ads that lead them to your website. Indirectly, time and financial resources fuel in the influx of organic traffic, but the results are long-lasting.

Organic traffic can work independently or in tandem with paid traffic. In either scenario, increased organic viewership significantly impacts sight rankings and consequently, drives business.

Use the tips below to give your site a natural boost in search engine rankings, attract more visitors, and ultimately, win your more sales.  

How to Increase Organic Traffic:

  • Include long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are phrases that are extra specific to your product. Sure, shorter phrases generate greater search volume, but super specific searches can hone in on your link. Since few products have the exact same niche, you win an advantage amongst competitors for ranking highly and showing up for that long-tail keyword phrase.

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  • Incorporate interactive content, such as quizzes and webcasts. In today’s generation, interactive content is one of the most effective ways to engage viewer’s and keep their interest long enough to win their advocacy. Reading gets tiring, watching videos gets boring, but content such as quizzes or webinars keep the audience fully attentive. Quizzes double as a savvy way to collect information on your consumer market, too, so that you can cater future content to suit their desires and needs.
  • Automate where possible – this includes email and social media. Automating will positively change your work life. Emails and social posts can be scheduled and sent without you needing to remember to publish. Automated services are especially beneficial to medium sized companies where resources and management need to prioritize other areas of business development throughout the day. Be sure your automated emails and social posts link back to your pages- this encourages more viewers to check out your website = more traffic.
  • Blog as often as creativity permits. Blogging is not only a swift tool for adding new and SEO optimized content to your website often, but it’s also an entertaining way to entice your audience to your site. New pieces offer new insight and new outlooks on current trends. Step up your blogging by sharing influencer posts on your site. Their followers will now come to your site, and your regular audience gets the voice of an industry authority figure.

  • Evaluate your site’s optimization with Google Analytics, or a similar checklist. For organic traffic, insight from Google Analytics can do wonders! The checklist is straight forward and ensures that you don’t overlook easy, critical steps to a well-functioning website. Remember, the more quality stacked your website it, the more favorably Google ranks it, the higher you move up in the rankings, the more clicks you get, the more customers you win, the more sales you make.
  • Optimize your meta titles, URLs, and descriptions.
  • Take advantage of social platforms to direct traffic to your site.
  • Write as a contributor on other sites, too. Whenever possible, have employees utilize their and share their insight by posting for other media outlets. This improves your brand’s credibility across the industry, drives more traffic to your website and adds addition inbound links which boosts your SEO.
  • Invest in your content headlines. Turns out that 8 out of 10 people only read the headline before determining whether or not to click on the link. That deems headline creation both essential, advantageous and certainly worthy of investment.
  • Get active in the blogosphere. The blogosphere connects brands and bloggers across industries. When you read and comment on others’ posts, you encourage reciprocal reading and engaging. That reciprocal reading can lead to linking to your post, generating more traffic from their audiences.
  • Link internally throughout your website. Linking from one of your website pages to another one of your website pages (and doing it often) keeps consumers on your website for longer, integrates them more deeply with your products and services and adds up to more clicks per page and per visit.
  • Load up on credible inbound links. As often as you can, search for websites that can link to you in their pages. Whether it is a link in another’s article to your blog post or an informational suggestion link to your homepage, inbound links establish more credibility for your site which improves search rankings and the links directly produce more traffic.
  • Write for your customers, not for search engines. It’s easy to win a search engine’s favor, but that’s not who’s going to buy your product. Write and produce content that will win your consumers’ attention and loyalty and over time, search engine’s will reward you for it.

See how much there is to do for your website’s organic traffic?

If any of the topics are not self-explanatory, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts at Executive Digital. We specialize in sky rocketing your SEO rankings so that you can rest easy about your digital presence and worry about the superiority of your products or services, instead.