How to Do Influencer Marketing in 2019

How to Do Influencer Marketing in 2019

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Influencer marketing consists of finding authoritative personalities in your brand’s industry and working together to promote your message and products to your target audience through their perspective.

Marketing to consumers through industry influencers is effective mainly due to the curated trust and audience an influencer has established with its follower base.

Optimizing your marketing strategy by making use of influencer platforms continues as a prominent marketing effort in 2019, with brands turning their attention toward niche influencers with small, concentrated followings.

Benefits of influencer marketing:

  • Built-in, niche audience
  • Cost-effective
  • Attentive audience (audience already trusts the influencer)
  • Action-oriented audience (audience is primed to want what the influencer promotes)
  • Opportunities for co-branded messaging, products, and services
  • Brand awareness
  • Sales conversions

Let’s take a look at influencer marketing trends that are important to follow this year.

How to do influencer marketing in 2019

Target nano influencers

A few years ago, influencers were online celebrities, their profiles famous to millions of followers on social media platforms. However, this influencer group got quickly swept up by advertisers, stripping the potency of their marketing messages. Now, marketers turn to nano influencers — influencers with fewer than 10,000 followers — who have an authoritative voice to a densely saturated audience.  

By working with smaller influencers, you can budget for more partnerships, build genuine relationships and trust that your branding messages are digested and trusted by your ideal target consumer group.

nano influencers

Create organic influencer relationships

Focus on creating genuine relationships with your influencers, and consider each one a member of your in-house marketing team. Find out how you can help, offer experiences and expertise, and stay committed to helping their following grow as much as you are committed to sharing your message through their social vehicles.

Partner with an influencer your consumers’ trust

Instead of relying on an influencer with an abundant follower base or even a small, engaged following, look for the influencer that your target consumer group is following. While brand awareness is an important step in the purchase funnel, it is wiser to take advantage of conversions and sales in influencer marketing.

Find out who your audience follows, listens to, retweets, reposts, cares about, and advocates, then reach out to this influencer to begin building a mutually beneficial relationship. Consumers are smart — they’ll know right away if a partnership is vying solely for their money.

On the other hand, if you can convince an influencer that your target audience respects that you are worthy of endorsement and partnership, your consumer will gladly listen to what their role model and trusted leader in the industry has to say about your brand, products, or services.

Encourage your influencers to produce fresh content

When influencers consistently produce new content, their followers become indebted to their free service and more apt to listen to what the influencer has to say or to purchase what the influencer chooses to promote. Offer to help your influencers produce high-quality, engaging content and work together to conceptualize new ways to serve your shared audience. Remember, you are growing together.

Co-brand new products

Some influencer followers remain weary of influencer promotions. However, when you co-brand a product or service with your influencer, the follower is more likely to believe that the influencer likes your brand so much, they want to be a permanent part of it.

In 2019, influencer marketing is critical because consumers want to hear from peers instead of hearing from advertisers and marketers. Your niche audience appreciates that you care enough to discover their generation’s leaders in your industry. When you make an effort to approach your consumer on their turf and terms, they are more likely to respond positively to your brand messaging and convert into loyal customers.

Work with Executive Digital

Implementing an influencer strategy in 2019 is essential to your branding and marketing efforts. Reach out to our team at Executive Digital to learn more about the benefits of influencer marketing, the trends that are evolving this year, and how to best incorporate these tactics into your digital marketing strategy.


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