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New Google Search Algorithm Update: Catch Up

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Every year, Google changes its search algorithm, which as a significant impact on search results. While Google search is a powerful tool, it is also very complex and changes pretty frequently. As of August 1st, the new Google search algorithm update is now completely rolled out.

So what does this mean for you and your brand?

In general, Google is labeling this Google search algorithm update as a broad core update that is particularly focused on medical health and YMYL or Your Money Your Life sites. However, numerous other sites have been impacted such as those part of gaming and entertainment niches.

YMYL sites are pages that are focused on money and life events and typically solicit personal information and conduct money transaction that could be targeted for identity theft. These pages also include that offering advice on parenting, home or vehicle purchase as well as finances and legal matters.

Some of the companies most impacted by this update include,,,,, and Other sectors like education, automotive, and e-commerce sites were impacted also. 

According to Google, there is nothing you can do to fix it. However, Google has suggested to continue to improve and update your website to produce better content and over time Google may recognize those improvements which can have an impact on your ratings. This suggests that small changes can make a big difference.

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So what is Google algorithm anyway?

Generally, algorithms are a set of rules for solving a problem in a finite number of steps. They typically set the stage for the computer to perform a specific task. It can also be thought of as a mathematical equation. Google uses PageRank which is a complex algorithm that ranks websites in search engine results.

It was named after one of the founders of Google, Larry Page. It measures the importance of website pages by counting the number and quality of links to a page to get a rough estimate of how important the website is. It is not the only one Google uses but it is the best known.

Page Rank assigns a numerical weight to every element of hyperlinked documents, with the intent of measuring relative importance. It is based on a mathematical algorithm on the web graph, which is created by the World Wide Web pages. The rank value indicates the importance of a web page and hyperlinks are counted as votes of support.

It is incredibly relevant to internet marketing because it picks up on keyword appearance in the page title, header tags, a meta description. Other important factors include the number of organic links to the page and the way the website performs on mobile devices.

Google determines which elements matter most by prescribing a numerical value to each trait on the page, which is added to the end result. These calculations are done quickly and rankings may fluctuate as attributes are manipulated, making rankings very fluid. The top spots are held by businesses that utilize SEO, or search engine optimization.

When conducting searches on the World Wide Web, Google’s algorithm does the heavy lifting, making internet searches easier to conduct by indicating the best links related to your search query as the first one’s listed. This provides a big boost in visibility and traffic for your website, which translates to more sales.

Keyword placement plays a significant part in how Google finds sites and can impact how your website is rated in the algorithm. Other elements that could impact the website score include how long the website has been around, the strength of the domain name, and how keywords appear on the site. Google tends to place more rank on those sites that have been around for some time.

That’s where Executive Digital’s expert SEO team can help. We know how to optimize your website for the new Google search algorithm update by helping you produce the website possible. As an SEO company, we stay abreast of all changes in Google’s algorithm and understand how to implement them to benefit our customers.   


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