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New SEO Trends in 2018

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SEO is a forever-evolving blanket cast over the world wide web of search, and its searchers are restless humans beneath its covers who can’t get comfortable no matter how hard they try. What can we do but accommodate?

But really, technology is always evolving, users are growing accustomed to changes more quickly and search engines keep finding new ways to bring consumers exactly what they want before they know they even want it.

Staying on top of your SEO strategy can make or break your brand success, check out upcoming trends below.

SEO trends we can expect in 2018:

Voice Search and Search Assistants

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According to Google, voice search already accounts for twenty% of searches, and that number is anticipated to rise steadily and sturdily throughout 2018. As voice search technology is refined and embedded in devices in the home, it is becoming the quicker, more seamless tool to use to find answers, products, and services.

As voice and search assistants take prominence over online search, brands must adapt their content language to match that of the conversational tongue. Long-tail keywords began to beam with importance in 2017 and in the new year, they’re getting even more attention.

Visual Search

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Visual search isn’t here to impact your strategy immediately, but it is certainly making itself known to the SEO experts. As user preferences trend toward photo and video, a visual experience for searches is on the rise. For now, you can boost and prepare your visual strategy by simply optimizing (and frequently updating) all photo, graphics and video content.

Featured snippets and answers on search engine result pages

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You have probably noticed the recent featured snippets element on your Google searches. When you type in a question or a phrase, you are presented with the traditional results, maybe videos and now, quick answers to queries. Imagine for a moment all the times you click through on that quick answer’s URL. You want to be that URL.

In 2018, making your way to a top ranking position on Google is no longer the ultimate goal. There are now several ways to capture the attention of consumers searching for your product and service. If you want to direct consumers to your site, offer content that answers questions relevant to topics within your industry or range of products and services.


SERP’s tend to respond to more conversation-style questions, so consider the marriage between voice assistant search terms and how to best answer those queries.

Machine Learning and SEO

Also slow to demand change in strategy, artificial intelligence is slinking its way into search abilities and result potential. AI will likely lead to a more personal experience for the user, so the best way to arm your brand and site for the impending change is to make sure your current SEO strategy is thorough, up-to-date and executed to potential.

User Experience

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User experience has always been a priority for major search engines, and 2018 shows no exception. Consider the service that search engines like Google offer: search results. Google’s whole job is to provide the best search results for its audience: consumers search for sites like yours. When Google knocks you down in the rankings, it isn’t personal; Google has its own business to manage and propel; it is constantly making its offering stronger.

Another reason Google favors user experience is that it allows for more quality research on user preferences. Google can lead a consumer to your site, but it is your job to keep the visitor on your site. If you have a good user experience design, the user spends more time on site. The more time the user spends on your site, the more closely Google can follow interests, usability and attention benefits of certain website elements. Collecting this data further allows Google to refine its search results for its users. Don’t fret about your site leading to great information for a competitor to thrive off – as results about user preferences become apparent, Google releases them in algorithm updates. Keep providing the best experience possible for your consumers, and the work will show in viewer loyalty.

A strong UX design help convert your chance viewers into loyal audience members. Make pages engaging so that viewers want to keep scrolling, to check out other pages and to return. Escalate the turnover process by sharing high-quality, creative and fresh content as often as possible.


Mobile is no longer the supplementary compatibility mode for your website. Mobile is equally as important as desktop, if not more so. In fact, Google could still optimize its algorithm for a mobile-first index, but mobile optimality presides over another other platform functioning.

Mobile-first indexing means that everything on your website is optimized for the mobile user, first, which alarms many SEO experts who know that the preferences of desktop and mobile users vary greatly.

As you optimize your site for mobile, consider language and keywords, site speed demands and layout preferences of viewers and potential loyal consumers.

Link Building

In the past, link building has been a stimulating SEO element to include in online marketing and website growth strategies. However, Google and other big search engines are now examining the quality and integrity of backlinks, meaning that brands will need to go in and re-evaluate which links actually add value to their site and provide a meaningful impact to their visitors.

The best link-building strategy in 2018 will manifest from building partnerships.

Double exposure of handshake with night city blured background.Reach out to brands of similar missions and connect over ways to genuinely help one another grow and reach a wider (or more densely niche) audience. Through your organic partnerships, you can include links naturally throughout shared content or in one another’s promotions and guest blog posts.

Be mindful to not go after backlinks for the sake of more traffic. If you embed links in the right manner, your pace will be steady, but more the results will be long-lasting.

Organic traffic will grow as a result of your efforts to bring the best content and brands to consumers.

To learn more about new trends in SEO or to implement an SEO strategy in your business, reach out to our team at Execute Digital. We’re standing by to help you reach your company’s potential.


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