Alliance with PartSites for ENVY Xtreme Marketing Program

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We are excited to announce our new strategic alliance with PartSites and ENVY Xtreme. PartSites is a leading developer of online e-commerce parts and accessories solutions for the automotive industry.

“Frankly, we were looking for someone special,” commented Scott Anderson, PartSites Founder and CEO. “We wanted an exclusive digital marketing partner that thought outside the box and could consult directly with our ENVY parts e-commerce platform subscribers to offer a high-level SEO/SEM product strategy called ENVY Xtreme. We needed world-class marketing experts that could accelerate the growth, sales and organic rankings of our subscriber sites. We vetted dozens of digital marketing firms from around the country and we were extremely impressed with Executive Digital’s corporate culture and unique marketing approach,” added Anderson. “The online parts landscape is intensely competitive and our primary goal with ENVY Xtreme is to substantially shorten the timeframe between site launch to high-visibility organic ranking and profitability for our ENVY subscribers. I’m confident that that the program outlined by Executive Digital will accomplish this objective.”

PartSites currently boasts some of the highest ranking and highest grossing parts and accessory e-commerce sites online today, each powered by PartSite’s ENVY platform. “We are delighted that Executive Digital was selected and very excited about our new venture with PartSites and the ENVY Xtreme project,” comments Aleksandar “Sasha” Jovicic, Chief Executive Officer of Executive Digital. “ENVY is by far the most advanced e-commerce parts and accessory solution on the market today. I believe that we bring a distinguished track record of success and our innovative and forward-thinking approach to digital marketing will make this a formidable partnership. Our new alliance is really the perfect melding of best-in-class technology and digital marketing performing at ultra-high levels,” concluded Jovicic.

ENVY Xtreme is poised for a January 1st rollout.

About PartSites LLC:

PartSites LLC is wholly owned by SmartDealer Technologies, a Miami-based developer of web-based parts and service software solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of fixed operations departments of auto dealerships. SmartDealer’s mission is to create “the transactional dealer” bringing the dealership into the living room and workplace of their customer. SmartDealer designs products that allow auto parts and service departments to better serve their customers by enhancing the customer experience and increasing customer CSI.