PPC and SEO Can Work Together if You Strategize Wisely

Shannon Horowitz Digital Marketing Experts

You’ve launched a new website, and you need to know how to make sure it’s number one when a consumer searches for your product. This is a serious task! But let’s chat about it.

There’s a pretty heated debate over the pros and cons of using an SEO strategy or a PPC strategy. In the end, the argument for one or the other won’t propel your brand forward alone. You need both. But let’s look at both anyway so we can draw some clear conclusions.

Here’s how a PPC marketing strategy works to your advantage:

  • You only pay per click that the search engine generates for your site.
  • You can, hypothetically, get a massive bang for your buck with this method.
  • Even if a consumer does not click thru the ad to your site, you are generating brand awareness just by showing up at the top of the page.

Here’s how SEO works to push you up in the rankings:

  • SEO is constantly evolving, causing you continually to improve your domain, your user experience and your thorough integration of all social mediums.

Your site is reliable, so Google (and other search engines) want to show you at the top of a page.

But like many things in life, one isn’t as strong without the other as they are together. Let’s imagine a world where you invest time and money and use both.

  • You dish out a little dough for PPC to start getting those clicks up, further encouraging your site as the search engine preference.
  • You notice which landing page content earns you the lowest PPC bid. Now you incorporate it into your Meta description of your pages. Look, your SEO is climbing!

Here are more tips to consider:

  • Use appropriate social networks for SEO. This can be as easy as linking from your social pages to your website. Creating more avenues from which to enter your site dramatically improves your search optimization.
  • Track which keywords consumers are typing in that lead to your site. Take these phrases and incorporate them in your content, your landing page copy and in your keyword page descriptions. You can even include them in ads on your site, creating more ties to your site from the phrase entry.
  • Work on your SEO first. Although you want to implement strategies simultaneously, you want a website that ranks high in the search engine’s favor. This will help lower your initial bid price which will save you tons as you get all those clicks that push your brand to the top in the end.
  • Use PPC data to supplement SEO data. Instead of relying on SEO feedback for keywords and search, utilize your PPC data for more direct transfers of useful content.
  • Use PPC retargeting to make your diligently crafted SEO pay off in higher volumes.
  • Interlink landing pages with lead generation. This is the ultimate optimization of the services’ joint venture.
  • Improve your overall quality by cross-referencing the two Both will show you where your pages and content are lacking or succeeding, and you can make adjustments accordingly. This is a free perk you get from implementing both strategies. The overlap will give you a constantly renewing analysis of which consumers are clicking through, what words they are drawn to, and what’s convincing them to return to the site. It’s so helpful!

This is a lot to consider! The simplest, most concise answer is this: use both. There’s no better way to find out what works for your brand that through trial and error. And using both SEO and PPC will guarantee that if one is on trial and experiencing an error, the other is delivering you some sort of benefit. It’s going to be fragile at first, but aren’t all worthwhile endeavors?

If you want to walk through a more thorough explanation of SEO and PPC, learn how to place PPC or SEO bids, or just get a consultation on your brand strategy, get in touch with Executive Digital. We pretty much live for making your brand succeed in the local community. Look forward to working with you!