Social Media Marketing Trends 2019

Social Media Marketing Trends 2019

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Social media is still a prominent tool for brands to utilize in 2019. As you prepare to improve your strategy and tactics in the upcoming year, get briefed on what social media trends our experts at Executive Digital project to rise to prominence.

1. Personalize it, or forget it

If you missed 2018, the key takeaway amongst consumers championed for every consumer’s individual personality and importance. We learned that everyone is unique with their own set of natural and desired needs for optimal livelihood.

When you speak to customers in a personalized manner, you create a strong relationship that allows the consumer to trust your intentions in satisfying their needs through your products and services. You can personalize messages, analyze data to offer the most relevant products and add-ons, or use online visitor information to optimize future outreach and offers.

2. Listen up on social media

While previous years have utilized social media marketing for telling customers what your brand has to offer, 2019 is the year of listening to what customers are asking for, and either finding ways to provide it or showing customers how your services and products accommodate their particular needs.

You can listen socially by crawling social media platforms and relevant areas of the web to locate mentions of your brand, of products and services you sell, or topics of conversation prevalent amongst your target audience. The more you listen to what your target consumer group is saying online, the more you can understand about improving your products, and consequently, increasing sales.

Once you find the tools sufficient for social media listening, you can use the analytics to generate leads with new consumers and possibly expand your target audience.

3. Keep it live

Stay active enough on social media so that you can comment in real-time (or close to real-time) on current events or in message threads with product and service suggestions as solutions to problems.

Additionally, keep consumer interaction as real-time as possible, responding to support queries quickly, and always offering some form of immediate chatbot experience.

4. The less famous the influencer, the louder the voice

While Instagram rose to (some out-and-out of) fame in 2017 and 2018, this upcoming year welcomes the spotlight to fall on micro-influencers. Micro-influencers include personalities on social media with fewer than 10,000 followers.

While these niche experts might not have the same reach as their famous predecessors, their words carry weight with their followers. Opt for working with smaller industry experts and authoritative voices to help get your products and services in the hands of the right consumers.


5. Video, video, video

You’ve heard about the importance of video for a couple of years now, and its prominence in 2019 is climbing even higher. Video content is expected to account for 80 percent of content consumption in the coming year. As video becomes more prominent, its varieties are expanding as well.

In 2019, you can go live on video, use video to explain products, give video tutorials for services, utilize video in social media to engage users and increase sharing, and provide quality video content to ensure high rankings on Google and other search engines.

Now that video is the most common form of media for content consumption, it is imperative that you use a professional video production service or in-house equipment to create original, high-quality videos for consumers.

Customers already expect quality video on website, email, and social media video posts, and now they are learning to expect a certain quality for live videos. While live video gives an honest portrayal of your brand behind the scenes, it is wise to use professional production tools to execute the video short.

To learn more about how to boost your social media strategy in 2019, get in touch with our experts at Executive Digital, today!


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