5 Social Media Tips for Startups

5 Social Media Tips for Startups

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When you are ready to launch your new business, social media can be one of your pillars of foundational support, as social activity puts your brand on the map, gets the attention of consumers, and consistently shares your brand message with the public.

Before you begin listing fun photos and witty captions, decide a social media strategy that fits your brand goals, and assign a timeline that your team can effectively meet.

To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of tips that will help you get the most of your social media marketing.

Tips to Grow Your Social Media Audience for Startups

  1. Research

The best way to execute a solid social media strategy is to research before you get started. Get an idea of what your competitors are doing — are they on Instagram? Facebook Live? YouTube?

And what about your consumers? Find out what your target audience likes to do online, which platforms they favor, how they engage in content, and what leads them to purchase or branch advocacy.

Once you have a clear understanding of which platforms to penetrate, your social strategy will be off to its best start.


  1. Set goals

Another preliminary tip that is essential to the longevity and effectiveness of your social media: goal setting! Before you get to posting, commenting, and engaging with users, set clear and actionable goals to accomplish through your efforts.

If you do not have specific benchmarks to meet, your efforts quickly become futile and resources are wasted. Goals also offer a tangible way to check in and measure the success of your strategy.

  1. Develop a brand message

Every post you share is an opportunity to share your brand message, so tackle first this mission of establishing a clear message you want to share on behalf of your company. From here, check in with every tweet, photo, comment, and share to ensure that your social activity is always a direct reflection of your brand message.

  1. Stay consistent

Consistency is key in social media. Users expect a certain vibration, attitude, and posting time from your shared content. If you go off course, you will confuse your audience to your detriment. Keep posts on a regular schedule, and check in with traction and engagement to see which times of day, lengths, and styles of posts appeal most to your audience.

One way to help you stay consistent is to automate some social postings, which brings us to your fifth point.

  1. Automate when possible

Whether you start out with mastering one platform or go all in across all social mediums, keeping up with pairing items can become hectic, and often gets pushed to the back burner. Don’t let this happen! Instead, opt in for a few automation programs that can automatically post on your behalf.

You can pre-approve photos and messages and make sure they’re uploaded in a timely manner that suits your consumers, while still allowing you the freedom to post on a whim or on current events.

These five social media tips are just the beginning of developing a strategy that can help your brand grow into its online potential. Now that you have the starting steps, it’s time to get excited about executing social media for your startup.

Hiring a professional marketing firm is the best way to jumpstart your social media efforts for your startup business. Executive Digital has the experience and expertise to curate a social media strategy that matches your company plans and goals.

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