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StumbleUpon Marketing Tips to Drive More Traffic to Your Content

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StumbleUpon is a content traffic generator for the top social media platforms. It works by presenting users fresh, relevant content related to their interests each time they press ‘stumble’. As a brand’s content is displayed for and enjoyed by that user, it increases the page’s visibility for future stumblers.

So, how can you maximize traffic to your content with StumbleUpon?

Golden Rule: Produce Great Content Golden Rule for Content Marketing

First and foremost, the golden ticket to content traffic is content that speaks for itself and keeps consumers coming back for more. The more engaging your content, the more a viewer wants to continue reading or watching. The fresher the content (the less it resembles other content on the web), the more reliable you become as a content source.

To keep content fresh, try presenting information in a variety of formats. Tutorials, lists, videos, infographics, and photos are all different ways to keep consumers entertained and engage different sets of audience members.

  • Infographics. Infographics are appealing to StumbleUpon users because most users are looking for more information on particular subjects. Infographics quickly display stats and details about their interests, inviting viewers in for a deeper look at the content. Use infographics appropriately and be creative!
  • Images. High resolution is essential to your page displaying prominently on StumbleUpon. Images are an enticing way to greet consumers, encourage shares and keep your page as a bookmarked tab on consumer devices. Remember that pictures speak volumes, so don’t overdo the number of photos. It’s okay to follow the less is more standard when it comes to sharing images.
  • Tutorials. Tutorials are so massively helpful to consumers looking to better understand the mechanics behind products or how to apply certain goods that you sell. Tutorials will often be bookmarked, watched more than once and shared with friends. Whenever you see an opportunity for a tutorial, make one! If you have influencers accessible in your marketing strategy, consider having an influencer be the face and/or voice of the tutorial.
  • Lists. Something about the conciseness of lists is contagious, and StumbleUpon users stumble repeatedly to find them. Incorporate lists as a supplementary presentation of the information you want to share. The more lists users find associated with your name, the more they’ll turn to you as a content source.
  • Videos. We have entered the age of video, and it is the best way for you to attract and gain a loyal following. Stay mindful of production quality and be sincere in your efforts to communicate new, clear perspectives on your topics or products.

Once your content is as stellar as possible, there are a few ways to go about climbing the ranks of the StumbleUpon order.

What’s the StumbleUpon order, you ask? As pages appear and are liked by stumblers, those pages are placed in a queue that StumbleUpon will present to users on their next click. The more your page surfaces and receives likes, the higher up in the queue it gets placed for the next stumbler.


Organic Stumbles


StumbleUpon has a huge user base, so the content you have always has the potential for huge viewer counts. All it takes is one random follower stumbling your page for it to pop in the queue and be presented to the StumbleUpon user base. You can capitalize on the organic stumble by adding the StumbleUpon button to your page or content. This way, when a follower finds it, he or she can immediately add it to the StumbleUpon queue. Once it’s in the queue, it sees more people and soon, more people are directly visiting your website.


Share with your Following Base

You can accumulate a following base in much the same way as you do on your other social media outlets, such as Instagram. StumbleUpon allows you to find users who share your interests and who are interested in the topics you share. Before you go searching for followers, make your StumbleUpon profile clear and robust. Update all relevant information. Let consumers know exactly what they’ll get with your page. Be friendly! We’re all here to have fun and learn, right? As your content evolved, you can manage interests under the Setting menu. Be sure to include all links to your pages and social platforms, too. This will increase the chances of prospective followers checking out your website(s).

Once you’ve built a considerable following, you can send new content updates directly to this group. If they have push notification settings on, they’ll be able to check out the new content right away and react. Try to reciprocate the activity with your followers. Don’t like and comment superficially, but build genuine connections with people around the world of shared interests. See what types of content genres you collectively build and create to share with viewers.

Paid Discovery

If you are tapped out on organic efforts, you can use StumbleUpon’s Paid Discovery. Paid Discovery provides an easier point of entry to brands, making your content more accessible and prevalent to stumblers. There are a few different Paid Discovery package options, so be sure to check them all out and see which works best for your brand.

StumbleUpon is a strong content sharing platform to include in your marketing strategy. It helps you find new followers, build new relationships, attract more traffic to your website and ultimately, to grow your brand. To learn more about StumbleUpon and how to embed the network into your marketing strategy, reach out to our experts at Executive Digital.  


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