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Social Media is one of the most influential implementations of technology. Its connective capacity nets humans globally; its travel parameters extend far beyond previously perceived limitations of communication.

Social media delivers news to otherwise oblivious parts of the world and sends signals for help in days of despair.

The ripple effects of social media have manifested through several evolutions in the last half a decade. Today, the online connectivity is assumed of kids, adults, parents, businesses, and corporations. It is no longer a question of if people and places use social media; but rather, how they use their social media.

Working with small, medium and large companies allows Executive Digital to constantly evaluate the effects of branded social efforts. Undoubtedly, executing a sharp social media strategy influences business sales, projections, numbers, and industry influence.

Today, we look deep into the genesis and construction of Jeff Barchi Real Estate’s social media strategy.

As a realtor in the Phoenix-metropolitan area, Jeff Barchi competes in a densely saturated market. What he does is not so different from competitor realtors, so how could we ensure that valley and prospective valley residents were finding Barchi and committing to his realty services?

After running an analysis on Barchi’s overall strategy, we identified an opportunity to significantly strengthen his social media strategy, finding new (many millennial) clients on their platforms of preferences and showing how thoughtful and updated the real estate mogul is. Since optimizing our client’s strategy, we’ve seen his social media channels nearly double in likes and most importantly, monthly website traffic directed from social channels has increased by 410%.

Benefits of Social Media in Business Development

  • Gain valuable consumer insightSocial Media Strategy to reach your target audience.

We needed to know exactly where to position Barchi in the market; exactly where he stood. We needed intel on what his clients and target consumers needed- new homes? New mortgages? Rentals? Fixer-uppers? By running targeted social ads, we were able to collect and analyze appropriate feedback and interests for different consumer groups.

Asking for engagement on photos and videos generated awareness on what type of content ideal consumers trusted and desired. We were able to gather preferences, potential purchase timelines and begin to more effectively narrow the overall social strategy.

The more Jeff Barchi posts that circulated, the more prospective clients new his name. When a post focused on an amazing property opportunity, it could be shared with a follower’s friend who lived across the country but planned to move to Phoenix within a few months’ time.

Gaining brand awareness is the first step to becoming a fixed household name in the real estate market. Once awareness is established, consumers can return to brand posts frequently and eventually, dedicate their loyalty to the brand.

  • Targeted ads with real-time results

Targeting ads is especially relevant when it comes to pitching clients. By segmenting according to proximity, HHI, age and gender, we can determine where advertising dollars are best spent. Since Barchi knows which qualifiers are necessary for home purchases and which for first-time buyers, targeting and collecting intel was a sound investment.

Businessman riding increase in traffic and conversions

Social media is the most effective way to identify decision makers; that is, for consumers to see who is leading the industry by staying on top of trends or initiating trends, themselves. By continually pushing social content and engaging with new and repeat followers, more audience members are likely to become clients. In the end, conversions are the goal of a good social strategy, so using platforms to advantageously bait consumers is essential.

By developing a robust social media presence, we reinforced Barchi’s name time and time again. For followers not yet in the market for a new home, Barchi’s name became repetitive enough so that when the time came to buy, they had awareness of Barchi and trust in his ability to perform as their agent.

  • Increase web traffic and search rankings

When social posts highlight a link in bio and outbound to a landing page, consumers are more likely to click through and visit that page. The more consumers view a page, the more valuable Google and other search engines rank that page, inciting a bump in search rankings. Higher search rankings further increase brand exposure and ultimately, new clients and sales.

  • Competitive advantages

As important as it is to stay ahead of the pack, it is equally important to run with the pack until you have won consumers over so confidently, that they don’t mind straying from the masses. Social media execution requires identifying which keywords competitors are including and what types of social effort they are using to win and keep consumer attention.  

  • Share content quicklyImportance of sharing content.

In real estate, timing is everything. In the past, if a house came on the market, a realtor needed to quickly phone the most likely interested buyers. Now, social media lends the ability to share the investment opportunity with many consumers and quickly. Posts are immediately shared, reposted and tagged until little time has passed and yet interested buyers have swarmed the content.

  • Relationship building

Relationships are everything in real estate. Implementing a social media strategy initiated a constant dialogue between Barchi, his clients, and his prospective clients. Consumers could reach out with questions anytime; they could follow his activity and see what types of homes he was selling and how often; they could stay connected even during the months in which they were not actively searching for purchase opportunities.

Social media is a pivotal tool for business, and the present moment is always the right time to take action on the chance to grow your brand, your relationships, your online presence and your business.

Executive Digital has proven experience with companies of many industries and sizes, so we are fully trained and experienced to ensure that our hand in your social media strategy will holistically influence and improve your progress toward achieving your brand and business objectives. Reach out to us today for a consultation!