Tips on Getting to Know Your Audience Better

Tips on Getting to Know Your Audience Better

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Today, businesses are able to connect with consumers more intimately than ever before and marketers have access to more in-depth information. And yet, it is common to sweep over the basic target consumer profile only, looking at the most superficial aspects of what glues your target customers together as a group.

If you pause, sift beyond the surface-level information, and investigate the being of who your consumer is, your products will sell, your brand will tightly connect with your audience, and your business will prosper.

This might sound easy, getting to know your target audience, but knowing who your audience is entails more than noting basic information such as gender, age, household income, and geographic location.

Understand Your Audience

Understanding your audience goes beyond knowing what car your consumer drives to which type of house in which neighborhood. When you understand your audience, you know what song they need to put on in the car after a stressful day’s events, how they’ll talk themselves out of a chaotic mentality to be a pleasant mother or partner or father, and exactly who they will reach out to, to connect with online.

Once you know your audience like you know your friends, it is naturally easy to present and explain how your products and services can make their days and lives fulfilling and worthwhile.

By following the researched and practiced methods below, you can connect with your audience in unprecedented ways and cement loyal, long-lasting, and fruitful relationships.

Tips on Getting to Know Your Audience Better

Research before you market

You might have an idea of who you want holding your product, but research often shows your product in the hypothetical hands of a different consumer. Before initiating any brand and consumer marketing, thoroughly research to identify your most reliable and profitable consumer group.

Run competitive analyses regularly

Regularly run competitive analyses against industry competitors. Learn which posts consumers respond to, what types of images they like, when they share and redeem offers, and whether or not marketing tactics such as contests or events are productive.

Build an in-house customer profile

Once you fine-tune your consumer, name him or her. Draw up or print out a physical prototype of your consumer who sits in on every team meeting, every brainstorm and who is always in the office reminding your branding and product development teams for whom they are diligently refining strategy and productivity.

Develop personal relationships with consumers

Get to know your consumers through one-on-one meetings, sweepstakes, getaways, and rewarded feedback. If you run a client-based service, spend time outside of work with your clients to get to know each as a friend.

personal relationships with consumer

Observe your customers in real life

What is your consumer doing at this very moment? What and who do they care about? Are they on social media or are they above the social stratosphere and as disconnected as possible? The more you know your consumers’ real-life preferences and behaviors, the easier you can relate to them and predict their future wants and needs.

Run and analyze surveys

Not every consumer will fill out a posed survey, but the ones who do can still offer immense (and usually free) insight into your consumer profile.

Put your research into action

Continually assess your marketing tactics to efficiently implement strategy toward creating a stronger consumer-based product, service, and brand.

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