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Executing a strong video content marketing strategy is essential now and into 2018. Video is the fastest growing form of marketing content. Developing and producing quality content is an investment, but it is one that is well worth your time and financial budgeting. Let’s take a look at a few of the reasons that video content is on the rise and here to take the lead in 2018.

Why use video marketing?

By Jean-Philippe Jambert

  • Video strengthens brand messaging. Video is the strongest way to enhance brand messaging. Video speaks volumes more than written word and pictures. Video is easy to watch, to share and leaves a lasting an impression on consumers that they carry with them to purchase.  
  • Video content enhances brand recall. Eighty percent consumers remember videos they viewed in the last month. Video is both auditory and visual, meaning it appeals to both types of learners and has a longer lasting and stronger effect on memory recall. If you want consumers to remember your brand name and message, reaching them with video is the way to do it. Be strategic with the messaging you use to market to consumers, but be sure that it is reflective of your brand, both in aesthetics and elicited emotions.
  • Video has the potential for going viral. Videos are the most likely content to be shared – they’re easy, fun to enjoy together and consumers embrace the community of video culture. Reports show that over 90 percent of consumers who watch videos on mobile devices share them. That means your mobile-optimized video is almost 100 percent likely to be shared, which explains how easily videos go viral. When a video goes viral, you’ll experience an immediate and significant spike in traffic to your site – capitalize on it! D you everything in your power to keep these consumers at your site or returning to it again in the days ahead.
  • Video marketing boosts SEO. Videos are most likely to encourage consumers to visit your website; in fact, Hubspot reports that sixty-five percent of decision makers at companies visit a brand’s website after watching a product or service video. By bringing more people to your homepage or various landing pages, you boost traffic, improving your SEO. Google and other search engines are also beginning to favor video; this means that the more and higher quality video content you have on your site, you high you can rank in respective ranking algorithms. The higher you rank, the more traffic, click-throughs, and conversions you receive.  
  • Video is useful on all devices. One reason brand marketers love video so much is because of its accessibility across all devices. No matter where or when you are reaching your consumers, the viewing experience is optimal.

If you aren’t yet convinced of the power of video, let’s take a moment to review some video content statistics from the year so far:

  • As estimated by James McQuivey, a digital marketing expert, a single minute of video content is equivalent to 1.8 million words. That’s a lot of expression in very little time and an immense opportunity to better reach consumers.
  • Conversion is increased by 80% when a video is embedded into landing pages. When consumers arrive to your site, they want to be immediately informed and entertained and offering video content is an excellent way to fulfill both needs.
  • One-third of all time spent online by consumers is watching videos. Including video in our marketing content invites consumers to your brand during one more third of all their time spent online.
  • Click-through rates are increased by 200-300% when videos are added to emails. Videos are easy to watch; it’s a passive way for consumers to meaningfully engage with your brand and content. Emails tend to show up as spam for many consumers, too, so videos are a way to make opening your mail a bit more enticing.
  • Mobile video consumption has been growing by 100% every year, and there are no signs of slowing.
  • Almost 90% of online marketing strategies include video. If you are not in that 10%, you are in the minority that will certainly join it in the upcoming year.
  • Video will make up for more than 80% of all web traffic by 2019. So if your strategy does not already include video, it needs to. Consumers will be primarily entertained by video and they’ll be looking for video content from your site, too.
  • Product videos and tutorials are reported to help 90% of consumers make purchasing decisions. If almost all consumers are swayed toward purchase by video, it’s easy to understand that video is incremental in your marketing and advertising strategy, right?
  • Thirty-five percent of all ad spending online is via video ads. That means video advertising has an incredible ability to grasp consumer attention and lead them confidently through the purchase funnel.
  • Sixty-four percent of consumers report an increased likelihood to purchase products online after watching a video about the product or brand. You don’t necessarily need to force-feed product content to the consumers, but give them something to get to know your brand that ultimately encourages them to buy products from you instead of from competitors.
  • Nearly 60% of decision-makers prefer to watch a video over reading an article or blog.

Enterprise video content management is a large task to take on, but it’s one that every company needs to explore and efficiently execute in order to achieve digital success. Hiring a video content marketing agency will help streamline your video marketing goals and keep you on track and video trends continue to evolve.

To learn more about video marketing and which steps your brand should take next for SEO success, reach out to us at Executive Digital.


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