5 Best Practices for Conversion Rate Optimization

5 Best Practices for Conversion Rate Optimization

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You’ve already put in the SEO work to ensure that your website appears high in user search rankings. You’ve optimized advertisements to creatively entice target consumers to check out your page. You’ve even optimized your website through content, navigation, and design, to keep users interested in browsing your pages. Now what?

The next step in the conversion funnel is a call to action (or series of calls to action) that leads your visitors to purchase your product or service.

If you have not optimized your website layout or calls to action, to capitalize on the many potential costumers already visiting your online store, you are sitting on a golden opportunity to earn more consumers and make more sales by increasing the rate at which your website visitors convert to customers.

What is conversion rate optimization?

Conversion rate optimization refers to tactics that marketers use to improve the likelihood of website visitors making purchases.

While most marketing efforts are directed at harnessing more potential customers to your brand platforms – website, social media, or an online store, conversion optimization is a hugely overlooked area that could be more influential, rather than simply attracting more potential customers to your website.

How to calculate the conversion rate?

Calculating your conversion rate is easy — divide your total number of conversions by the total number of people who visited your site during the time of the conversions. Then, multiply this number by 100 for the percentage.

Conversion Rate

(Number of conversions/number of total visitors during the period of conversions) x 100

So, if you get 50 sales during a timeframe in which 100 visitors check out your website, your conversion rate is five percent. Going forward, you can assume that five percent of visitors will make a purchase.

[50 conversions (sales) / 1,000 visitors x 100] = 5% conversion rate

Now, let’s talk about how to increase this conversion rate so your brand can be more profitable.

How to increase conversion rate?

When it comes to increasing conversion rates, there are many tactics to implement, and some are bound to resonate more than others with your niche consumer group.

Before you make changes to your website geared specifically toward increasing conversions, set up a data collection and analysis process as well as a fixed conversion rate goal to reach.

increase conversion rate

5 Website Conversion Best Practices

  • Create Urgency

Make offers available for a limited time only, to encourage consumers to act now and buy.

  • Value Add

Add tangible or intangible value to your CTA (a sign-up, sale, call, etc.) so that consumers understand they are receiving additional value within their purchase or as a part of the next step.

  • Make it easy

Reduce the number of field entries required by a consumer to get to the next step. Customers often retreat from purchase when prompted for too much information. What information do you really need to complete the purchase or next step?

  • Put your CTA in a button

Place your call-to-action in a button icon (double check that it works) that is a different color from the surrounding text, to make the CTA pop. Additionally, make the CTA precise, such as sign up and start shopping as opposed toa simple sign up.

  • Analyze metrics

Measuring the results of your conversion rate marketing tactics is essential. Set up a monthly analysis to follow, and understand which changes customers respond to. If little change is observed, change wording or offers, until you find the best way to prompt visitors into the purchase.

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