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What Meaning Does Copywriting Have in Marketing?

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You are probably familiar with copywriting – writing in a way that directs consumers to take a specific action. Consider the most famous forms of copywriting through advertising; short, often gimmicky one-liners that tell an audience exactly what they’re missing and why this particular product it will deliver it to them.

Copywriting is quick, witty, intelligently informed and prompts consumers to take action. When copywriting first made its way through advertising, the goal was to sell product and make brands money. While that goal is still the end game for all brands (selling products, services, media, etc.), it’s typically the long game.

On the way to convincing a consumer to purchase a product or service, there are a number of steps that keep consumers on the line, slowly earning their trust enough to make a purchase in the future. Effective copywriting is used to ask audience members to sign up for emails, to participate in a poll, to comment on content or to press play on a video.

Copywriting might have had humble and pointed beginnings, but today copywriting is essential in every step of a marketing strategy.

What is copywriting in marketing?

Copywriting in marketing is smart and researched writing that is used within content marketing. Content marketing includes all extensions of your brand that communicate with an audience. This includes your website, newsletter, emails, videos, social media pages, advertisements and blogs (and more!).

Content has been one of the biggest pushes in the advent of digital media and online marketing. Consumers began turning toward digital outlets for news, entertainment and information more than a decade ago and today, it is their first outlet choice for content and answers.

The huge numbers of people reading and viewing and experiencing content online prompted brands to produce their own unique content that you guide users to their website and hopefully, keep them there long enough to return again and become loyal followers who purchased from the brand and advocated for the brand.

The trend of using content to lure loyal consumers is still very much alive, only it is more competitive. If brand content is boring to readers, they leave. If it does not deliver needed information, they lose their faith in the brand. Conversely, if brand content explore new ways to approach a topic, readers want in on the perspective. If they are the first to report on current industry events, consumers can rely on the brand’s reporting instead of investigate priorly trusted news sources. Eventually, brand content becomes the choice content of the consumer, strengthening a relationship that can carry on through a lucrative future.

Where does copywriting come in?

While new and interesting content engages consumers and might prompt them to be your loyal consumers, content that serves only to entertain and/or inform is unlikely to earn a brand anything but online street credit.

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Instead, content marketing should be seen as an incredible place to weave in smart copywriting that effectively directs consumers toward sales. If you are not actively asking your readers to click on another page, to sign up for a newsletter or email or consider an item you sell, the content is not serving you as much as it as serving them. 

Take advantage of this online material by pulsing copywriting throughout all forms of content marketing you share online and through traditional media outlets. In turn, you will receive positive feedback through greater consumer engagement and sales.

Content can benefit copywriting, too

Let’s look at the pairing system from the opposite side, where content marketing is used to infuse copywriting.

Valuable, free content

Content marketing can be built around copywriting to offer consumers free and valuable content. Even though a consumer might be at your site to buy a particular product, they will appreciate you taking the time and effort to offer them context for that product or around a neighboring relevant topic.  

Brand voice

Content marketing offers a huge platform to share your brand voice. While expert copywriting can convey a brand voice, it is hard to do and takes time and repeat instances of consumers being exposed to said voice. Content marketing gently exposes brand tone and rounds out brand voice as it surrounds the witty and clever calls to action.

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Content that edu-tains

Because copywriting has been around for a while, consumers are quick to pick up on one-liners and content strategically written to encourage sales. By providing content that entertains and educates consumers, you can reduce the obviousness of copywriting.

SEO viable

Copywriting is an effective way to move consumers along the purchase funnel. You can boost this ROI by surrounding copywriting with content that registers with SEO requirements, thereby generating for views, reads and shares of your content.

Practice effective copywriting

Effective copywriting is present in marketing throughout all stages of the purchase funnel. It is attention grabbing, easily shared, builds up slowly to a grander purpose, headlined by clever, informative titles, benefits the reader directly and includes concrete calls to action.

Copywriting is still fixed in business as it influences consumer decisions along every step of the purchase funnel. If you have an excellent copywriter or copywriting team in house, learn more about how to integrate their skills more effectively into your entire marketing strategy. And if you do not currently have a go-to copywriter, consider outsourcing the work through a digital marketing firm.

A skilled copywriter will enhance your marketing strategy, keep consumers engaged as they browse your content and help build trust in your brand that ultimately leads more sales, better customer retention and higher ROI across all marketing and advertising efforts.

Reach out to our team of digital marketing experts at Executive Digital to learn more about how to pair copywriting with content marketing and to dive in a copywriting strategy that can propel your business through the current wave of competitive copywriting.


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