Wordpress vs Wix: The Ultimate Comparison

WordPress vs Wix: The Ultimate Comparison

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Using a website builder to get your company website created, published, and used for interacting with consumers is a cost-effective alternative to hiring a professional designer. Website builders are fast, and once you go through a few trials and errors, they are easy to use. The design available on website builders is also remarkable – the templates and building options are simple, clean, and varied based on your company needs.

WordPress and Wix are two of the best website builder platforms that consumers choose between when creating their business website on their own. Both platforms are reliable but vary in a few ways that lead consumers to prefer one over the other. To get a better understanding of the difference between the platforms and to determine which is best for your needs, follow along with our comparison below.

Wix Website Building Platform

  • Easy to use

Wix is super simple to use once you get the hang of it. This website building platform allows you to click, drag and drop your preferred elements to their ideal location. It is a bit like building a puzzle, where you fill in one piece of the bigger picture at a time.

  • Features available set and flexibility

Wix has all features immediately available for you to use, including eCommerce, blogging, forums, and smart actions.

  • Customizable templates

Wix offers hundreds of customizable templates in over 70 industry categories. Design options include visual editor, mobile optimization, and pre-built effects. One thing you cannot do in Wix is changing your design theme.

  • Customer support

Wix offers complimentary and readily available customer support. Get any questions about website design and construction answered immediately. You can also learn more about using Wix through the educational program, WixEd.

WordPress Website Building Platform

  • Harder to use

WordPress is a bit more difficult to learn how to use than Wix is, as it uses an open source CMS publishing solution. Prepare to invest more time in learning how to work with WordPress.

  • Features set and flexibility

Again, WordPress’s features are not as easy to embed, but it is easy enough and flexible to incorporate SEO, safety plug-ins, and commenting systems.

  • Designing requires basic coding

To design in WordPress, you’ll need to have a basic understanding of coding. The design elements available through WordPress include visual editing, theme changes, mobile optimization, and CSS code editing.

  • Customer Support

While there is not a designated support team, there is a sweepingly large WordPress community full of experts who can help.

The Ultimate Comparison – Conclusion

Wix is debatably easier to use and update as you build, but WordPress offers a bit more flexibility once you’ve mastered the design mechanics. Both options can be relatively inexpensive, but prices go up as you add on website complexities.

Prefer to Hire a Professional Designer?

If you are not sold on the ease of use that is available through website builders, hiring a professional designer is another wise option. It tends to be more expensive, but the resources spent are well worth the investment for a unique, beautiful, and seamless website experience.

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Here are a few reasons to hire a professional website designer:

  • Professional design

Your website designer is a professional, meaning every element of website design is done perfectly, producing an artful and full-functioning online extension of your brand.

  • Conversion optimization

Much more goes into a professional website than pretty pictures and interesting content. All elements are creatively constructed to lead a consumer to purchase a product or service on your site.

  • Ongoing support

Your professional designer takes care of all your website needs as your brand evolves and grows. Work out any kinks and get answers and updates in moments – you will save time, energy, and any lingering traces of worry.  

  • Unique design

Let your website speak for the originality of your brand by working with a design team that tailors every aesthetic element to your brand personality and mission. Stand out from competitors with your unique design.

Your website is an essential part of your digital marketing and brand communication strategy. It is important that you operate on a platform that you understand and feel comfortable using and updating frequently. To learn more about the website design services we offer at Executive Digital, get in touch with our team, today!


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