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How to Write a Bewitching Website Copy

Francesca Hinojosa Content Creation

Website copy is an essential ingredient in strategic content marketing. Marketing to consumers with stellar content is a creative way to attract readers, to engage consumers, to entice viewers to share and to return to the site time and time again. Ultimately, reaching consumers through content is a reliable way to induce sales.

Writing magnificent copy takes concerted effort. Mind-blowing words don’t come naturally at all, and a subject matter that hits home with target consumers must be carefully researched and curated.

We want to help you write your best copy, so we’ve compiled a list from our team of experts on the most important tools and tips when building your online content marketing strategy. Some tips might resonate naturally; others might raise attention to a clear lack in current affairs. Read through the following thoroughly and see how you can improve your digital copy.  

How to write a website copy that will keep consumers returning:

  • Determine your ideal reader. The ideal reader is slightly different from your ideal consumer. Although your reader will likely cross qualitative territory with your target consumer, your ideal reader is the determining audience for all of your content. This helps creates a cohesive voice, a consistent stream of entertainment focal points and ideally, an established, credible voice in the market. Whether or not readers lead to consumption, agree or disagree with your cornet, voice consistency is key. Consistency establishes reliability, which creates trust and brand loyalty.

Once you establish your ideal reader, get to know their interests. Follow which trends they latch onto, which issues they take pride in, how they are maturing and into which new endeavors their lives are unfolding. Everything you write is for this reader, so everything should share information or entertainment on subjects they take a stance on or in which they’ll take predictable interest.

Writing for an ideal consumer can also help attract advertisers. By knowing exactly who is reading your content, brands can better identify which consumers they can get in front of when advertising on your space.

  • Plan your web copy. Planning web copy is the best way to stay on top of current events and to make sure you get all important content in front of viewers in a timely manner. Planning copy allows for sufficient lead time to edit, revise and tweak content contributions. It also allows for wiggle room when a current events piece takes priority or a response piece needs the front line. Laying out a content agenda makes it easy to slip in content when necessary and to resume the timeline without chaos internally. Remember, even after consumers read the current event piece, they’ll still want to shop around your content for the subject matter they’re used to receiving from you daily.
  • Write about products based on consumer benefits. Short of the long with content is this: consumers care about themselves. It’s okay! We’re all consumers; we’re all guilty of constant self-reflection and analysis. That said, it is in your best interest to constantly address your consumer’s best interest. If a product has a new feature that you’ve spent months refining, the refining process and creative genesis behind the change is inconsequential. Instead, focus on how the improvement improves consumer’s lives.

When writing about products, plan ahead. Write out all the specs and features so that you remember to address and include all the product’s selling points. Clearly, explain how each feature benefits the reader. The detail on the feature is less important than the direct result of the feature of the reader’s life. Write out any problems that you be encountered and how to avoid them and lastly, write out hypothetical objections to purchasing. Address the hypotheticals and turn them into positive language around product purchase in your piece.

  • Include a value prop. Value propositions have a limited amount of time to win a reader’s attention. Devote significant effort to creating a headline or tagline that will convince your ideal audience to click through and read the article or content piece. Remember, include the benefit of the piece or the subject on the consumer’s life.
  • Write the first draft! Good content is like good wine; it gets better with age. After the ideas have a moment to sit, sift, and ruminate in the article’s intention. Write the first draft of your article, walk away, then come back to it. Taking time from the writing process will illuminate creative ideas to thread throughout the article, reading the piece with fresh eyes will allow you to refine your content through precise edits.
  • Optimize copy with SEO. Once your content is engaging and edited for grammar and semantics, be sure to optimize the article for search engines. This includes tagging the title and headline and appropriately embedding appropriate search keywords. To learn more about SEO or for assistance executing an SEO content strategy, just ask our team! We’ll get you in the loop.
  • Always be on the lookout for content tips for your website. No matter how well your site is doing, you can always find new ways to engage consumers. Be proactive in determining viewers’ interests. What do they like learning about? Are they craving a certain genre of entertainment? Can you predict what they’ll be exposed to in a month or two and outfit your site with relevant content? Better yet, can you supply that content first? Understanding your consumer is a good first clue when embarking on the quest for fresh, desirable content.

Executive Digital is here to help you understand your market, your consumer, your digital marketing strategy and how to write a website that turns consumers into loyal purchasers. There is no need to feel overwhelmed by developing your marketing strategy- this is a fun opportunity to get to know your audience and build content that has the potential to viral. Learn from the best in the industry, and reach out to our team today. We look forward to helping you, your company and brand soar to new heights.