6 Optimization Tips to Rank Your YouTube Channel Fast

6 Optimization Tips to Rank Your YouTube Channel Fast

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YouTube is the second largest social media platform in the world, behind Facebook. The video platform has 1.5 billion monthly users, only half a million fewer than the leading social media giant. To give you a better understanding of these platforms’ magnitude, the world’s third runner-up for social media platform size is Instagram, which has just over 700 million monthly users.

The Power of YouTube Optimization

While marketers are methodically optimizing websites for search engines and diligently curating social media platform profiles, YouTube is often overlooked as one of the most populated and central platforms for reaching consumers. Every minute, 500 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube. If you aren’t a part of this statistic, your competitors are, and you can bet they are entertaining your target consumers by optimizing their YouTube channel videos.

YouTube Video Rankings Matter

As the second largest social gathering on the planet at any given moment, YouTube is an important search engine to impress and to rank high on. When consumers search for videos related to your product or service, you want them to watch your videos.

You get consumers to watch your videos by optimizing your channel and being one of YouTube’s top suggestions for content. Let’s take a look at how to optimize your YouTube channel for high ranking and engagement.

6 YouTube Optimization Tips to Boost Your Video Rankings Fast

  • Craft a 100 character title

There can be a bit of flexibility on character count but aim for a 100-character title. This will keep your title concisely descriptive, as you focus on incorporating keyword phrases and catchy attention-grabbers. Be sure to include all important information in your title – brand name, location, subject, and interviewee – while mixing in important keywords.

  • Thumbnails matter

Choose a thumbnail that captures the essence of your video, that appeals to consumers, and is high-resolution. Viewers are turned off by low-res images, assuming that the video will be low-quality, too.

  • Optimize for mobile

Since over half of the site’s streaming is done via mobile, make sure your videos are optimized for viewers watching on handheld smart devices.

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  • Lengthen descriptions for detail

YouTube allows you to enter 500-700 words for your video description, which gives you ample space to tell the search engine exactly what your video offers to viewers. Waste no verbiage on fluff or complimenting your video. Instead, use the space to be precise about video detail, so YouTube can match you with viewers who really want to watch your video, and buy your products and services. Remember to use relevant ranking keywords in your description.

  • Entice viewers immediately through description

A swift explanation of what is to come is best provided in your description leading 150 characters, from which point onward the remaining description will be given ellipses. Provide a convincing reason to users to engage here, right away.

  • Create a playlist

YouTube playlists compile all your videos from a series into a streamlined, chronological collection that viewers can easily watch, and come back to when they need to take a break from watching.  

Hire Executive Digital

The power of video is not fading anytime in our near future. As a leading video host channel and search engine, YouTube is prominent and is continuing to gain momentum as a channel worth investing in. Make the most of your time on YouTube by optimizing your channel so you can share your videos with more consumers, and increase awareness around your brand.

Get in touch with Executive Digital to learn more about the services we offer, and how to best incorporate video in your marketing and business development strategy. We are looking forward to working with you!


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